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Did not make it into [ profile] hd_erised?

Looking for a low-key and fun Harry/Draco winter holiday fest?
Not a writer and not an artist but still would love to give and receive holiday gifts?
Can't wait to meet Errol, Romeo, Hedwig and Snapey again?

Join [ profile] hd_owlpost for another year's H/D Winter Owlpost Exchange!

Owls created by [ profile] leochi .

Choose Your Owl+Post Your Wish List: August 18 through 31
Gift Assignments sent out: by September 3
Submission Date of Gifts to the Owlery: November 12
Owlpost Gift Delivery: December 1 until 31 or until we run out of gifts
Reveal of Gift Makers: January 10, 2018

The Basics )

[ profile] hd_owlpost Fest will be held on LiveJournal. Sign-ups will be on LiveJournal only, the fest will only post on Lj. After the fest we'll import all entries to the Dreamwidth site, which for now we only use as an archive.

Your excited owl postmasters -
[ profile] kitty_fic and [ profile] vaysh

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The Owl Postmasters would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the massive delay in the fest. We are so thankful to you all for participating and joining us on this adventure!

We recognize there were obviously some issues with the fest schedule this year and we have already begun considering what measures and precautions need to be taken to ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future.

You have all been wonderfully patient and understanding and we can't thank you enough for being just overall fabulous about it!

Thank you for hanging in there with us and we hope that despite the complications, you will all join us again next time!

[ profile] vaysh and [ profile] kitty_fic

Now for more fun... Please enjoy these stats from our 2016 [ profile] hd_owlpost fest:

We had a total of 37 participants + two wonderful pinchhitters.

119 diverse fannish gifts were created.
  • 5 podfic
  • 2 translations
  • 11 Reviews/Comments
  • 2 Beta Gifts
  • 2 Craft
  • 1 Fanlore Page
  • 4 Graphic gifts
  • 4 podfic covers
  • 1 fanvid
  • 9 art works
  • 4 poems
  • 74 fics

The shortest poem was 20 words long, the longest fic written fo [ profile] hd_owlpost 2016 was 20840 words long.

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of the 2016 [ profile] hd_owlpost Winter Gift Exchange

Here they are – all 119 owl gifts delivered by our trusted owls to you – our wonderful [ profile] hd_owlpost giftmakers, readers and commenters, pinchhitters and reccers

Podfics, Translations, Reviews, Beta Gifts, Craft, etc. )

Graphics, Icons, Banners – Podfic Cover )

Fanvids – Art )

Poems – Stories )

If you see any mistakes, dead links or entries we may have missed, please let us know.

The gifts have been de-anoned on AO3. Creators' names have all been added to the LJ posts.

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Gift from: [ profile] _melodic_
Title: Harry Potter and his Boyfriend’s Massive Cock
Summary: Draco’s enormous cock must be to blame for Harry’s helpless stirrings of passion and desire. Not that he’s complaining, of course...
Word Count: ~1035
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Anal Fingering. Anal Sex. First Time. Size!kink. Dirty Talk. Shameless Smut. Humour. *
Notes: I hope you enjoy this [ profile] ea_stofnar ! I got a little silly with some of your likes and decided to have fun with this one. Thank you to [ profile] digthewriter for the beta!

( Harry Potter and his Boyfriend’s Massive Cock )

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Gift from: [ profile] leontinabowie
Title: Want
Summary: During an Auror investigation, Draco discovers Harry in a room by himself, and with a locket which causes intense lust to those around it. Curse-Breaker Draco knows there's only one way to break the curse — sex.
Word Count: 1070
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *PWP, magic made them do it, but they wanted each other anyway*
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] ea_stofnar! I hope you enjoy this smutty little fic I wrote for you :D

( Want )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: Preludes to a Wank of Magnificent Proportions
Summary: Harry and Draco weren't even together. They only had had sex once twice three times.
Word Count: 3380
Rating: NC-17
Contains: PWP, the Malfoy men are well-endowed, overuse of past perfect, Chudley Cannons Win League Cup
Notes: Dear [ profile] ea_stofnar, the owls are bringing you this gift on Valentine's Day. Let's just not talk about it *puppy eyes*. You said PWP, you said size kink, you said less experienced Harry – here you go! And do enjoy. ♥

( Preludes to a Wank of Magnificent Proportions )

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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: Up for the Challenge
Summary: As a key witness in an important case, Draco had been assigned a security detail. Though Harry is still unsure of the exact details why he had to be the one assigned to watch him — at Draco’s insistence.
Word Count: 1714
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *jealous harry, anal fingering, anal sex, bottom!Draco, riding*
Notes: [ profile] icarly1969, I tried to use a few of your prompts, but mostly I was just happy to be able to write a bit of bottom!draco smut for you. :D Enjoy!

( Up for the Challenge )

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Gift from: [ profile] kerrilee75
Review/Comment of: it’s a long way up (when you’re falling down)
Summary of Fic: The importance of reading a book, especially one about the physiology of your kind, all the way through.
Word Count of Fic: 17905
Rating of Fic: R
Commenter's Notes: I have to admit I haven’t read many Veela stories, so my interest was piqued right away at the chance to learn a little about them!

Comment )

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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Heat of the Moment
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~2,250
Content: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Harry, Omega Draco, Mates, Anal Sex, First Time, Anal Fingering, Dubious Consent
Summary: Harry’s never felt much like an Alpha but that all changes when Draco Malfoy turns up on his doorstep, asking Harry for help.
A/N: Thank you very much for some wonderfully inspiring prompts, [ profile] icarly1969! I do hope you enjoy your gift. A very happy holidays to you.

( Heat of the Moment )

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Gift from: [ profile] geminifaerie84
Title: Slytherin Snapshots
Summary: Harry Potter is sorted into Slytherin. This is a series of scenes from his life, from the moment of his sorting, throughout his school career and his bonding to Draco.
Word Count: 10,240
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Alpha/Omega Dynamics, Knotting, Rimming
Notes: Merry Christmas, [ profile] emi_chirescue! I loved the idea of doing a story with Slytherin Harry, but couldn't pick just one year to focus on. As a result, you have snapshots of his years at Hogwarts and after. I tried to hit some of your preferences, and added a little smut towards the end. Hope you enjoy!

( Slytherin Snapshots )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: The Best Hot Chocolate
Summary: Three times Harry Potter made hot chocolate on Christmas. And one time he didn't.
Word Count: 3150
Rating: PG
Contains: mention of canon character deaths, suicidal ideation, depression (I swear the story is mostly pure Christmas fluff)
Notes: Dear [ profile] emi_chirescue, many merry Christmases with delicious hot chocolate for you (and a beautiful summer in 2017). ♥
Lily's recipe for awesome hot chocolate bears a lot of resemblance with Jamie Oliver's Epic Hot Chocolate Recipe. Secret Muggle ingredient remains secret. :)

( The Best Hot Chocolate )

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Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: Eight steps to happiness
Summary: Pansy's mistake had never been more beautiful.
Word Count: 100x8
Rating: NC-17
Contains: See notes.
Notes: Dearest [ profile] amorette, I used the following prompts (as inspirations, really) from your wishlist to write this drabble series: 1. Sex Compulsion 2. BDSM/ D/s 3. Slight dub-con 4. Eighth year/romance 5. Secret hand holding 6. Same height 7. Switching/bottom!Draco 8. Profession of love. (Honestly, it all sounds more exciting than it is). I hope you enjoy. All my thanks to N for the last minute beta!
Mods' Note: Thank you so much, [ profile] amorette for pinch-hitting!

Eight steps to happiness )

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[ profile] hd_owlpost continues posting!
Wrap-up in January!

Owls out flat on the dusty floor of the owlery!

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Gift from: [ profile] ustorycollector
Title: It's No Accident
Summary: Pansy has a plan, and Draco is going to kill her. As soon as he figures out how to get rid of the bond tying him to Potter.
Word Count: 6,709
Rating: NC-17
Contains: bonding
Notes: [ profile] kittyaugust, I really loved your prompts, so much that it took me ages to decide which one to write! I hope I did this one justice. I tired to fit in some of your likes too...
Thanks to L for being my beta reader. Any mistakes are mine!

( It's No Accident )

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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: Business to Pleasure
Summary: Draco is beside himself when he finds out that as the Minister's assistant he is expected to help him shop for dress robes, but in the end, it turns out to be a wonderful opportunity to take their relationship from business to pleasure.
Word Count: ~2400
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *blowjob, intercrural sex, anal fingering, comeplay, desk sex*
Notes: Thanks a million to my amazing beta ;)
Dear [ profile] kittyaugust, I was glad to have the chance to write something for you! I may have played a little loose with your prompts, and ultimately I'm relying on the hope that you are indeed okay with pwp ;) Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

( Business to Pleasure )

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Gift from: [ profile] sepherim_ml
Title: Slytherin Pride
Summary: Slytherin's reputation has never been so low. Harry is not impressed. At all.
Word Count: 700
Rating: PG-13
Contains: hurt/comfort, mentions of bullying (light), post-war, Slytherin!Harry, established relationship
Notes: Happy Holidays, [ profile] kittyaugust! I have such a huge spot for Slytherin Harry, so I hope you enjoy this little gift!

( Slytherin Pride )

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Gift from: [ profile] enchanted_jae
Title: Gift Just Right
Poetic form: Ballad
Rating: PG...13?
Contains: A bit o' naughty
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] glittering_git! Thanks to the mods for their patience, and thanks to [ profile] herumtreiber for the beta.

Gift Just Right )

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Gift from: [ profile] marysiak
Title: A Dragon Is Not Just For Christmas
Summary: Harry is sent to Romania to investigate sabotage at the dragon reserve. His cover is that he has been secretly dating Charlie and has come out to visit him. When Harry discovers Draco Malfoy working for the reserve he is sure he's found the culprit.
Word Count: 17175
Rating: NC-17

( A Dragon Is Not Just For Christmas )

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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: Harry/Draco Aesthetic
Art Medium: aesthetic graphic
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Dear glittering_git, I hope you enjoy this graphic and the story told within :) I had originally set out to make a mood board but I think it turned into more of an aesthetic.

Harry/Draco Aesthetic )


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