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Thank you, [ profile] ritalaura2000 for pinch-hitting!


Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: Quick, Malfoy. Kiss me.
Summary: Harry thinks kissing Malfoy is a good way to keep all the girls away. Draco thinks kissing Potter will make people stop bothering him. Everybody wins!
Word Count:: ~10,000
Rating: R
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Pretend relationship. Fluff and some angst. Slight mention of underage sex in the past with Draco and OMC (off screen). Bottom!Harry (but not explicit)*
Notes: This is written as a pinch-hit so naturally it's 10K. Thank you to my beta who rocked my world with fixing this fic. All the remaining mistakes are mine as I edited it long after the fact. I hope you enjoy this [ profile] ritalaura2000, pinch-hitters are the best! If I do say so myself.

( Quick, Malfoy. Kiss me. )

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Gift from: [ profile] razra_eizel
Title: Olive Branch
Summary: Harry held the wand out, trying not to let his nervousness show. At least the look in Draco’s eyes showed him that he knew it wasn’t just a wand; it was an olive branch
Word Count: ~750 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: nothing really
Notes: I procrastinated from writing this for the longest time because no idea came to mind D= but at least I got it done about two weeks before it was due. Truly, inspirations come to me when I’m having last minute panic… still, it was fun to write.

( Olive Branch )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: No Hope Left (Podfic)
Link To Original Art/Manip: No Hope Left
Summary: Draco was arrested. He lost any hope…
Cover Artist: [ profile] capitu
Music/Sounds: "Looking for You (Love Theme)" by Yo-Yo Ma & Ennio Morricone, "steps in a hall" and "dripping faucet" by salamisound; "epic metal gate" by qubodup; "prison soundscape stylised" by 7by7
Podfic Length: 00:06.45
Rating: PG-13 (for podfic)
Contains: (Highlight to view) *prison, torture through mind spells distorting time and space (mentioned), a bit of drama, a bit of fluff*
Notes: My lovely [ profile] ritalaura2000, with your manips you tell such heart-breaking and beautiful stories. It was a lot of fun to make a podfic from one of them. Luckily, you gave me enough words to play with. :) I hope you do enjoy! Happy Holidays, Laura!
Thank you to [ profile] capitu, for creating the podfic cover as an owl gift. *snuggles*

podfic cover
Click to go to the AO3 podfic page.

Stream directly:

Podfic gifts are not anon.

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Gift from: [ profile] shim_raya
Title: Snow fight
Summary: Sometimes all it needs is a little snow fight.
Word Count: ~1400
Rating: PG (I’m sorry, it’s all Ron’s fault. Bad Ron!)
Contains: Barely a kiss, sorry
Notes: Dear [ profile] ritalaura2000, you requested a 8th year fic, so there is it. I know you would have preferred a NC-17 one, but Ron wasn’t cooperating ☺. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll like it, because I had a lot of fun writing it. And a great big hug to [ profile] iwao for beta reading it. You’re awesome!

Snow fight )

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Gift from: [ profile] emansil_12
Title: Leave the Light On
Summary: When Harry decided not to leave for the winter hols, he wasn’t aware Draco would be staying as well. Nor was he aware that the next two weeks would bring him his one desire.
Word Count: 7389
Rating: NC-17
Contains: nothing to note
Notes: Immense and forever gratitude to [ profile] capitu for her encouragement, support and above all patience as I struggled to find my way through this. That she did not throw in the towel on this, is testament to her greatness as a cheerleader. Harry was very adamant there needn’t be any plot. He just wanted to get busy with the sexing parts. Finally after weeks of struggle I decided to just listen to him. And to [ profile] itsjustgwen for coming to my rescue in the final moments and providing a most excellent beta job. A major and massive thank you!
To [ profile] ritalaura2000, I do hope it hit at least some of your wishes and desires. It was a pure joy to write, once I finally learned to listen to Harry.

Leave the Light On )

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Gift from: [ profile] chantefable
Title: Malfoy's Manuscript: A Fragment
Word count: ~1650
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Draco Malfoy becomes a Potions teacher, discovers true misery, and suffers through social niceties with the MLE career-climbing sweetheart with more good grace than he would have had he enough energy for appropriate animosity.
Notes: Dear [ profile] ritalaura2000, I hope you enjoy this gift! I tried to imagine a fresh spin on your 8th year request, and I hope you are entertained by it. Many thanks to the lovely [ profile] subtlefire for being the most encouraging person ever and to the mods for being more marvellous than it is possible to imagine. Merry holidays!

Malfoy's Manuscript: A Fragment )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh11
Title: By the Fireside
Summary: By now, the fire had died down to a glowing heap of ash. Wands, glasses, shoes and clothes had been discarded, the top buttons of Draco's shirt ripped off, and Harry's tie had ended up much too close to the fireside to not have sparks burning tiny holes into the silk. But who cared about such things, on a night like this, with Harry Potter naked on top of him, fucking Draco gently into oblivion?
or, Harry and Draco are having sex on a winter night.
Word Count: 2,285
Rating: NC-17
Contains/Warnings: (Highlight to view) *pwp, bottoming from the top, mention of prior sexual abuse (not between Harry and Draco) and magical castration*
Notes: A huge and heartfelt thank you to [ profile] subtlefire, for her in-depth and lightning fast beta.
[ profile] ritalaura2000, this was intended to be much fluffier than it came out in writing. :o I hope you can still enjoy what basically boils down to pure and simple smut. Happy holidays, darling!

By the Fireside )


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