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Gift from: [ profile] knowmefirst
Title: One Letter Later
Summary: Draco finds a letter on his study.
Word Count : 570
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *KissingFluff and Humor*
Notes: Thank you to V for the beta at the last minute, I really appreciate it. Also, any other errors are mine. Hope you like it, [ profile] rillalicious

( One Letter Later )
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Gift from: [ profile] geminifaerie84
Title: An Early Christmas Surprise
Summary: "A whisper of sound catches my attention, and I pause, looking around once again. There is no one there; no ghosts, no professors, no students. I decide it was a trick of my overactive imagination and begin to move forward once more, only to be caught unawares when an invisible hand covers my mouth, and the firm tip of an unseen wand presses against the base of my throat....A gentle kiss, then the feel of teeth scraping over my pulse point, and the pleasure-pain of a new mark being made. I know these lips, those hands, and it is enough to make me relax against the man behind me..."
Word Count: 3,266
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Slight Dub-con at the beginning, light bondage
Notes: Merry Christmas, [ profile] rillalicious! So, I wanted to give you a nice, plotty story, but the boys didn't want to cooperate. I wrote it in first person to keep it a little mysterious, so you don't know who is in which role until the end. I hope you enjoy!

( An Early Christmas Surprise )

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Gift from: [ profile] _melodic_
Title: The Fire That Keeps You Warm
Summary: Malfoy may spew venom and do his best to push Harry away, but Harry is far too determined to let him go.
Word Count: ~2140
Rating: R
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Frotting. Handjobs. Mild Angst. Hurt/Comfort. First Person POV. Nonlinear Timeline *
Notes: I so hope you enjoy this [ profile] rillalicious! I took the title from Noah Gundersen’s song Slow Dancer and listened to it on repeat while I wrote this. Thanks to [ profile] digthewriter for the beta!

( The Fire That Keeps You Warm )

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Gift from: [ profile] smirkingcat
Title: Comment for [ profile] rillalicious
Summary: Comment for The Cottage with the Purple Door
Word Count: 1.171
Rating: n/a
Contains: spoilers for story
Notes: You must go and read The Cottage with the Purple Door, it's awesome and great! Dear [ profile] rillalicious, I am not a very good critic, but ppl told me, that one learns better out of faults that are pointed out, than just saying it's good. bad thing is, I found no faults in that story, so I tried to describe why I found what good, and how worked for me, I hope that is helpful in some ways too! btw this one was hard to find (had to ask your informant for help to find it *grins*

Comment for: The cottage with the Purple Door )

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Gift from: [ profile] kathora_kiryu
Title: Sun and Snow
Summary: Draco just wants to see Harry smile again.
Word Count: 321
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *EWE. Pre-Slash. Bad grammar.*
Notes: I have always loved poetry and written some for my own pleasure. This, however, is the first time it' has been viewed by eyes not my own...hope you enjoy! :)

Sun and Snow )

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Gift from: [ profile] knowmefirst
Title: Operation: P.I.L.
Summary: Albus, Scorpius and someone else they hadn't expected help from came up with the great plan to get their parents together.
Word Count: 1,435
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *I would say a little bit of mystery and adventure*
Notes: Dear [ profile] rillalicious, I hope you like it!

Operation: P.I.L )


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