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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Dapper
Summary: Draco starts wearing Muggle suits and Harry’s definitely losing his mind.
Word Count: ~4,400
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Muggle fashion, UST, Banter, Dirty Talk
Notes: Dearest nearlyconscious, I hope you enjoy this little gift. It’s a pleasure to create something for you for this fest.

Dapper )

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Gift from: [ profile] leontinabowie
Title: Buy the Stars (Fanmix)
Summary: A post-war getting together Harry/Draco musical story
Fanmix Length: 12 songs - 48:32 - 46MB
Download Link: here (links to dropbox)
Rating: PG
Notes: I never said I was an artist so excuse the covers ;). [ profile] nearlyconscious, I had a lot of fun putting this together for you. It involved a lot of stalking of your LastFM account, which introduced me to a lot of awesome new music.

for nearlyconscious_front

Buy the Stars (Fanmix) )

for nearlyconscious_back

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Gift from: [ profile] daleah
Title: Christmas dinner
Summary: Harry and Draco welcomed Andromeda and Teddy for Christmas dinner.
Art Medium: digital art
Rating: G
Contains: nothing to note
Notes: Beta: [ profile] my_thestral
Dear Nearlyconscious, I am sorry that instead of preparing Christmas dinner, Harry and Draco are already on the table ... But when I found that I made a mistake on your wish it was too late to draw a new card. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the festive atmosphere in their home and a little older Harry and Draco.


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Gift from: [ profile] cremebunny
Title: Harry Potter and the Sniffles
Summary: Looks like they won’t be making that Ministry Christmas Ball after all. Oh well.
Art Medium: digital
Rating: (G)
Contains: Draco being a dramaqueen. Tissue abuse.
Notes: I wasn’t sure what to choose from your wonderful wishlist, EVERYTHING WAS SO CUTE!! I really hope you enjoy this hun <3 love you a bunch!

Harry Potter and the Sniffles )

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Gift from: [ profile] alafaye
Title: Learning to Listen...Maybe
Summary: Draco will learn to listen, but since Harry knows he won't, he'll make plans.
Word Count: 721
Rating: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) *BDSM*
Notes: Thanks to my beta, [ profile] mahmfic. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Learning To Listen... Maybe )

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Gift from: [ profile] leontinabowie
Title: Alternative Baking
Summary: Harry and Draco find an alternative use for honey.
Word Count: 970
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Food play, deep-throating *
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] nearlyconscious! I hope you like this little smutty piece!

Alternative Baking )


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