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Author: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Dancing on His Own
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~6,300
Content: Flangst, Rimming, Fingering, Praise kink, Shifting POV
Summary: Under the decadent lights of London’s gay bars, Draco and Harry find one another again after years of searching.
A/N: Such a treat to write for your super prompts, [ profile] leontinabowie! We have many favourites in common, not just these two gorgeous boys. I thoroughly enjoyed making a clubbing playlist and writing you this bit of club!fic flangst with a very happy ending indeed! Title is, of course, inspired by Robyn’s queer club classic ‘Dancing on my Own’ and the quote at the start is Sigala’s summer hit. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays!

( Dancing on His Own )

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Gift from: [ profile] emi_chirescue
Title: Quiet Christmas
Summary: Harry hadn't know that Christmas could be this quiet. But sometimes, the best opportunities come out of the silence.
Word Count: 1122
Rating: PG
Notes: This story has literally gone from being 5000 words of me rambling and making entirely no sense and causing huge plot holes and chaos for my beta, to this teeny tiny 1k+ fic of pure Christmas fluff. I hope you like it, [ profile] leontinabowie.

( Quiet Christmas )

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Gift from: [ profile] lauren3210
Title: Review of [ profile] leontinabowie’s fic Uploaded
Word Count: 334 words (Word Count of fic: 12,910 words)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Dear [ profile] leontinabowie, I adored this fic of yours, and I hope this little review of mine even comes close to telling you how much!

Review of Uploaded )

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Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: Promises at the Shrieking Shack
Summary: Harry and Draco meet secretly even though they are on the opposite sides.
Art Medium: Digital
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *AU*
Notes: This artwork is based on a scene from Anarchist Heart by [ profile] leontinabowie.

Promises at the Shrieking Shack )

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Gift from: [ profile] smirkingcat
Title: comment for Cake, Please by [ profile] leontinabowie
Summary: Harry is struggling with mental health issues, and Draco is struggling with his sexuality. They both feel alone and broken, until Harry hires Draco as a portrait painter.
Word Count: ~1k
Contains: story spoilers!!!
Notes: Put this fic on your must-read list! The way it's written is amazing and I have a huge chunk of words below telling you why!
Dear [ profile] leontinabowie, I hope this comment will be helpful and entertaining to you and maybe make your day a little better. No one ever told me how to really do the best amazing comment ever - so I just roll with what I do, and tell you why this story speaks to me!

Comment for 'Cake, Please' )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: Der Phönix erhebt sich
Original Title and Story Link: Rise of the Phoenix by [ profile] leontinabowie
Summary: Nach dem Krieg verschwindet Harry spurlos. Nicht einmal seine engsten Freunde wissen, wo er sich aufhält. Fünf Jahre später ist er zurück, härter, voller Selbstvertrauen, und er möchte Dracos Dunkles Mal erforschen – was Draco dazu zu sagen hat, kümmert ihn nicht.
Word Count: 6760
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *leichtes Bondage, ein etwas dunkler Harry*
Author's Notes: Inspiriert durch ...he-wants-to-laugh-at-the-irony-he-really-does (That Picture) von Alekina.
Zu allererst möchte ich Alekina für ihre wunderbare Fanart danken. Das Bild ist wirklich toll, und ich habe diesen kleinen Remix voller Begeisterung dafür geschrieben. Dann möchte ich den Mods dafür danken, dass sie so ein großartiges Flash Fest organisiert haben.
Und Kudos an alle, die meine Anspielung auf Lost Souls (den Roman von Poppy Z. Brite/Billy Martin) erkennen.
Translator's Notes: [ profile] leontinabowie, this was one of the fics that stayed with me from this year's [ profile] hd_remix 'That Picture' Flash Fest; it was a thrill to be able to translate it as a gift for you. Do enjoy, and a Happy New Year to you! ♥

( Der Phönix erhebt sich )

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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Why do I have to wear the bloody hat?
Summary: Harry steals a kiss from Draco in the snow.
Art Medium: GIMP 2.0 and Wacom tablet. Digital art.
Rating: PG
Contains: Seasonal fluff!
Notes: Thanks so much to the lovely mods for their patience and to the recipient for some lovely seasonal prompts. I incorporated a request for scarves and kissing in the snow. I hope you enjoy it, and have a very happy holidays!

Why do I have to wear the bloody hat? )

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​​Gift from: [ profile] awickedmemory
Title: I'll Be Home for Christmas
Summary: Harry waits up for Draco on Christmas Eve.
Art Medium: Traditionally drawn, digitally coloured
Rating: G
Contains: Post-canon, EWE. No triggers or squicks, except maybe an overdose of fluff.
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] leontinabowie!

I'll Be Home for Christmas )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: A Gothic Christmas Patented Daydream Charm
Summary: Ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord, is in rut. Santa looks delicious in his skimpy little black dress.
Word Count: 1770
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *size kink, Harry in a dress, imagined bestiality, Patented Daydream Charm*
Notes: [ profile] leontinabowie, I went with Gothic Christmas from Within Temptation. It was just irresistible. I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year, darling! ♥

A Gothic Christmas Patented Daydream Charm )
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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: VIP: Very Important Patient
Summary: Draco's life in the healer training program wasn't easy and having Potter there was only complicating matters. The git couldn't go more than ten minutes without needing attention, and he refused to be seen by anyone other than Draco.
Word Count: 1260~
Rating: NC-17
Contains: mutual wanking
Notes: Thank you to S and B for the betas! Much love to you both! [ profile] leontinabowie, I hope you enjoy what I've created!

VIP: Very Important Patient )
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Gift from: [ profile] penwyn
Title: Home for Christmas
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco fully appreciates the colour of the light cast by Hermione's blue flames on a cosy Christmas Eve spent at home.
Artist's notes: I took your suggestion of cosy Christmas to heart. Enjoy!

Home for Christmas )

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Gift from: [ profile] cassisluna
Title: How A Veela Catches His Mate
Summary: ... through deceit, sex, and coffee. Really good coffee.
Word Count/Art Medium: 6,497
Rating: R
Notes: [ profile] leontinabowie, when I read your wishlist, I just spent a minute smiling stupidly to myself because your favorites are my favorites and that just made this whole thing a blast to write :’) I tried to include as much as I could and I hope you enjoy!

How A Veela Catches His Mate )


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