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Gift from: [ profile] potteresque_ire
Title: 9 Days of Snowmen
Summary: Harry and Draco make snowmen that are quite representative of themselves—competitive and, um, rather fond of root vegetables…
Art Medium: Apple Keynote (Yes. PowerPoint slides.)
Rating: NC-17... I think
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Questionably placed vegetables*
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] lauren3210!! I took your dirty snowman competition prompt and ran with it. I hope you enjoy this little piece of silliness! Many thanks to F for the beta.

( 9 Days of Snowmen )

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Gift from: [ profile] leontinabowie
Title: Winning Isn’t Everything
Summary: For date night, Harry takes Draco to a Muggle bowling alley for the first time.
Word Count: 1325
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Nothing bad
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] lauren3210! I hope you enjoy this fluffy little fic :D

( Winning Isn’t Everything )

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Gift from: [ profile] smirkingcat
Title: Comment for the amazing fic: I Did it For Love, and I Was Not Afraid
Summary: Magic is dying out and a powerful wizard is using this fact to manipulate his way into power. Only one can stop both of these things from happening: The Chosen One, Draco Malfoy. The only trouble is, Draco doesn’t know how. Hell, he didn’t even know he was a wizard until a stranger turned up on his doorstep seven years ago…
Word Count: 46180 (fic), 2,174 (comment)
Rating: R (fic)
Contains: Spoilers! Duh!
Notes: I shall try to persuade you with this comment, to check the marvellous story that lauren has written out, but if you wish to read it before getting spoiler-ed, and there are many spoilers in this work, I would suggest, stop here, go read the story, and then come back and tell me about all the awesome points I missed!
dear [ profile] lauren3210, you are a commenter's dream! I was so excited on assignment day! And I was not disappointed, you are a very amazing writer, and your stories always manage to touch something. I chose this story to comment on for two reasons: first and foremost it is absolutely stunning and wow. Second I think it is underrated and it deserves so much more attention and spotlight, because it is a fascinating concept, and you did it proud! So without further ado:

Comment/Review )

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Gift from: [ profile] _melodic_
Title: Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Summary: The weekly Hogwarts snowball fight means an hour in the cold, wet snow chasing Slytherins around the frozen lake. Harry can hardly wait.
Word Count: 537
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Tons of fluff
Notes: I do hope you enjoy your gift! The intention was for a drabble but it became a little longer as I wrote on. My everlasting gratitude for my amazing beta, [ profile] llaeyro, for really coming through for me when I was in a jam, helping me really tighten this story up and Brit-picking it to authenticity.

Read on AO3

Cold Hands, Warm Heart )

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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: LJ Headers & Banners
Description: Headers and Banners to decorate your Livejournal :)
Notes: I hope you like them! I'm happy to change anything - text, fonts, sizes, etc. I can also help you install them if needed. Art used with permission. Art credit goes to I tried to keep the artist's original watermarks in place where possible and if not possible, I did replace them.

LJ Headers & Banners )
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Gift from: [ profile] bloodisshrp
Title: you’re the only place that feels like home
Summary: With a mandatory training exercise, Harry and Draco paired together and an ill timed storm, it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. Or not?
Word Count: ~2500
Rating: G
Notes: Dear Lauren, your prompts were so inspiring! This might not be exactly what you had in mind but I hope you like it ‘cause I had tons of fun writing it! Thank you [ profile] tavia_d for fixing all the mistakes I keep on making and whipping this fic into shape. All remaining mistakes are my own. Title is a not so subtle nod to Fall Out Boy who provided the background score for the fic.

Read on AO3

Or here: you’re the only place that feels like home  )


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