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Gift from: [ profile] icarly1969
Title: Seen This Coming
Summary: In which Draco bumbles through seven (+1) years as a Ravenclaw and manages not to realise that Harry's been in love for at least three of those years until he did.
What sort of person didn’t even remember someone who offered to be their friend at eleven?
Word Count: ~4400 words
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Nothing to see here*
Notes: I tried to do a nerd!Draco and cool!Harry fic and ended up with a Ravenclaw!Draco AU... It stuck to canon storyline (mostly). I hope you'd enjoy it!

( Seen This Coming )

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Gift from: [ profile] burnin_up_a_sun
Title: Sometimes We Take Chances
Summary: In a world where the Harry Potter series was written to throw Muggles off the truth, Draco decides to attend LeakyCon, cosplaying as Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 3737
Rating: R or Mature
Contains: no warnings necessary
Notes: for Knowmefirst, who said she liked to read about Nerdy Harry & Draco. I hope this fits the bill. Also, a huge thanks to Hils and Kizzy who answered every British question I had and to Crowgirl who makes me better.

( Sometimes We Take Chances )
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Gift from: [ profile] potteresque_ire
Title: Evolution
Summary: Draco Malfoy was condemned to live a Muggle’s life for his three-year probation. His wand was locked away, and he was forbidden to set foot in Wizarding Britain until Hermione Granger secured a job for him in the Aurors' stock room. Harry Potter, who worked three doors away as a junior Auror, frequently visited Draco to check out supplies, take Spanish lessons, and witness Draco’s resolute—if painful—adaptation to a non-magical life … while falling in love with the man who might be too fragile to love him back.
Word Count: ~13,000
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Get together fic; angst (with happy ending); allusion to Draco suffering from anxiety disorder; Muggle technology; minor original character (MOC); drug use (by MOC)*
Notes: Dear [ profile] knowmefirst, I hope you’ll enjoy this owlpost! I took several elements from your signup: angst, the song Can’t help falling in love with you, non-magical and nerdy Draco, and the result was this concoction. I would like to thank F for her meticulous and tremendously helpful beta work. All remaining mistakes are mine.

( Evolution )

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Gift from: [ profile] josephinestone
Title: Apologies
Summary: Draco has the perfect plan to get revenge on all his classmates their last year at Hogwarts, until they exclude him from participating in the Christmas charity event. He should have expected it. It's what they always do. When he thinks the situation can't get worse, Harry Potter shows up at his door.
Word Count: 18k
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Hogwarts High, Non-Magical AU, Suicide attempt
Notes: My knowledge of England is very limited, so if what I'm imagining in the story sounds too American it's because I'm too American. Thanks to C, L, and T for looking through this for me on such short notice and so quickly. Y'all are the best. ♥

( Apologies )

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Gift from: [ profile] germankitty
Title: A Special Delivery
Art Medium: fabric paint, contour medium on silk
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Hand-painted silk ties (with a store-bought badge) and a chocolate owl*
Notes: Dear [ profile] knowmefirst, you didn't actually make a wish list, and yet generously offered your own creative talents for others. A little Owl (that looked suspiciously like Pigwidgeon and insisted on including a chocolate representation of himself, cheeky bird!) told me that your Hogwarts House affiliation is Ravenclaw, so maybe you have use for a couple of accessories -- one tie for daily wear with one's school uniform, and another for the alumni reunions. :-)

Ravenclaw school tie1

A Special Delivery )

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Gift from: [ profile] enchanted_jae
Title: I Want That One
Summary: Draco has his eyes on the largest tree, while Harry envisions the consequences.
Art Medium: Paint
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Silly stick!art*
Notes: Un-beta'd... it's stick!art, for Godric's sake. :D


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Gift from: [ profile] smirkingcat
Title: Banner for Soul Food
Art Medium: editing
Rating: G
Notes: Dear [ profile] knowmefirst, I read quite a view of your fics but that one just made me smile and I wanted to catch that warm feeling I get when I think about your fic. I hope you like it! And I want to say big thanks to [ profile] vaysh because you see, I had a crisis and a break down, redoing it over and over again, because nothing was right enough, and then one late evening I wrote to our nice admins, and she was so kind to answer to me, and tell me that it was fine, and solve a minor problem for me too and so - BIG thank you for your help, it was very, very nice of you.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] knowmefirst!

Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: The Spell Shall Break
Summary: And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break. Harry has made a sacrifice and is put into a deep slumber. Only his true love's kiss can wake him.
Art Medium: Digital - Photoshop
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Harry Potter!AU. Fairytale!AU*
Notes: Totally did a fairytale!au for [ profile] knowmefirst, it felt like the right theme for you! I hope you like it!

The Spell Shall Break )

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Gift from: [ profile] bloodisshrp
Title: Counting Stars
Summary: After a broken car and sudden stop at a bakery Harry just might start believing in fate.
Word Count: ~900
Rating: G
Contains: Non-Magic!AU
Notes: Dear [ profile] knowmefirst, I was so excited to see Non-Magic!AU listed amongst your likes! Unfortunately I’m incapable of writing good smut but I’m pretty sure that at some point they do have wall sex. :D Much love and thanks to [ profile] digthewriter for fixing the silly mistakes I refuse to stop making and [ profile] this_bloody_cat for her support and awesome advice! :) ♥

Counting Stars )


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