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Gift from: [ profile] germankitty
Title: A Parliament of Owls
Summary: Beanie and matching mittens
Art Medium: Knitting
Notes: Dear [ profile] kitty_fic, as one of the Owlpostmasters, how could I not craft you something depicting owls? There are 13 in all (plus three cheeky chocolate ones who insisted they could carry your gift themselves; unfortunately, they were sadly overestimating their capacities and thus had to go into the box as well.) I hope you like them and will get some use of the beanie and mittens. Happy Holidays!

Pictures of finished gifts )

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Gift from: [ profile] laraflame
Title: [gif set] Fiery Ice
Summary: They used to antagonize each other all the time but then hate turned to love. They always had a contradictory kind of relationship.
Art Medium: digital
Rating: NC-17
Contains: a giant NSFW board
Notes: Answering with impressions to your Blazing Passion, Icy Cold

05_blazing passion.gif

( [gif set] Fiery Ice )

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Gift from: [ profile] laraflame
Title: Banners: Gay Means Happy, The Fire Is So Delightful, Forgotten
Art Medium: digital
Rating: Banners: PG-13
Contains: Kids & unicorns. Banners are very vanilla. Yup.
Notes: Banner variations for your wonderful works: Gay Means Happy, The Fire Is So Delightful and Forgotten.

Forgotten 2.jpg

( Story Banners )

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Gift from: [ profile] lauren3210
Title: Ribbons and Bows
Summary: Harry comes home from work to a prettily wrapped surprise
Word Count: 1586
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *bottom!Draco; ribbons*
Notes: Dear Kitty, I’m afraid I didn’t use any of your sign-up prompts, with the exception of one word that kidnapped my muse. But you did say that you liked porn, so, erm, that’s good? I really hope you like it, darling. ♥

( Ribbons and Bows )

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Gift from: [ profile] gracerene
Title: Rorschach
Summary: Harry never gave much thought to Malfoy's soulmark. But that was before he caught a glimpse. Now it's all he can think about.
Word Count: ~5,500
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *soulmark AU, Auror partners, brief injury/mention of blood, soulmates, dirty talk, rimming, blow jobs, implied switching, brief mention of past Harry/Ginny*
Notes: Kitty! I have actually been wanting to write you a little something for a while now, but time was always getting away from me. So I was extra thrilled to find out you were one of my recipients. This doesn't follow any of your specific prompts, but I tried to squeeze in several of your likes and come up with something that I thought you'd enjoy. I really hope you like this, and I hope that you are having a marvelous holiday season! ♥
This is essentially an EWE fic that follows canon EXCEPT that, in this 'verse, a soulmark appears on every person when they turn 17. Finding your perfect match isn't incredibly rare, but it's also not extremely common either. Because there is no guarantee that you will find your soulmate, people often think that waiting around forever for the perfect person is impractical, though most do hold out hope that they’ll meet their true match. <3

( Rorschach )

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Gift from: [ profile] snowgall
Title: 11 fics uploaded to AO3 + Masterlist of Harry/Draco fics
[ profile] kitty_fic asked for someone to help her upload part of her backlist of fics to AO3. After creating her masterlist, I saw that out of 85 HD fics, only 12 had been uploaded so far. So with her blessing, I went through and uploaded most of her longer fics (as well as some of her shorter fics which were my personal favorites :) for a total of 11 fics uploaded for hd-owlpost.
• Spreadsheet of 85 fics written by [ profile] kitty_fic between July 2010 and Jan 2015. Fields include: title, rating, word count, summary, URL, and pub date.
• The fics were first uploaded to an AO3 collection, and I double-checked the formatting and tagged them appropriately before revealing them. Over the course of the past two months, I've revealed a different fic each week. After enough time has passed for each fic to get proper exposure and to ensure there are no errors or problems, I adjust the publication date to reflect the original date and remove myself as co-author.
• Kitty has written many more non-HD fics as well, but because this is an HD-centered fest this masterlist is limited to just her HD fics as of Nov 7, 2015. Hopefully I haven't missed any!
Spreadsheet Link: Masterlist of HD fics by kitty_fic
Link to AO3 collection: Works uploaded for kitty_fic for HD-owlpost 2015

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Gift from: Nearlyconscious
Title: Happy ever after
Summary: A very fluffy portrait of Draco and Harry.
Art Medium: digital
Rating: G
Contains: no warnings
Notes: Happy holidays, kitty_fic!
I couldn't resist going over-the-top fluffy and cliché, since you listed that in your likes. Hope you like this!!

( Happy ever after )

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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Fulfilling a Fantasy
Summary: Harry has a fantasy, and Draco ‘helps’ fulfil it.
Word Count: ~2,200
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Highlight to view) *Crossdressing, rimming, fingering, rentboy roleplay, other roleplay, jealous!Harry, brat!Draco, size-kink*
Notes: Thank you to A for the beta. Kitty, thank you so much for these very enticing prompts. I hope you don’t mind the fact my smut muse went wild on this and I used the kinks for inspiration instead of the prompts. I tried to incorporate as many as I could, and as a result this was great fun to write. I really hope you enjoy it. A very happy holidays!

Fulfilling a Fantasy )

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​​Gift from: [ profile] awickedmemory
Title: Pull the Blinds and Change Their Minds
Summary: Harry wants to be a dad. Merlin thinks it's a fine idea.
Art Medium: Digital art
Rating: G
Contains: Merlin crossover, mpreg
Notes: I don't follow Merlin at all, so this is probably completely out of character... but I hope it brings a smile nonetheless! Thank you to [ profile] sp_owl for the suggestions. :) Happy Owlpost, [ profile] kitty_fic!

Pull the Blinds and Change Their Minds )

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Gift from: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Title: Proving a Point
Summary: Harry has something to prove.
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: PG-13
Contains: no warnings
Notes: Dear [ profile] kitty_fic, I apologize for the lack of smut. I hope you enjoy it anyway and can imagine what would happen next.
Thank you to A for the rushed Beta work.

Proving a Point )

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Gift from: [ profile] cremebunny
Title: Draco Malfoy and the Mistletoe
Summary: A curse gone wrong spurts a little floating mistletoe on Draco’s head, which makes students want to kiss him. In order for it to wear off he needs to kiss someone. (? Helppp I can’t think of anything xD)
Art Medium: Art
Rating: G
Contains: cursed mistletoe, fluff

Draco Malfoy and the Mistletoe )

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Gift from: [ profile] dragontara
Title: Hidden Powers of Chocolate
Summary: Harry + Draco + late night Potions assignment + chocolate bar = a recipe for disaster?
Word Count: 10,348
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) * switching, suspected creature (veela) *
Notes: Dear [ profile] kitty_fic, I think I managed to get a lot of your requests into this fic, but I’m sorry for the lack of Merlin - I just don’t know a thing about it :( Heartfelt thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] gusx217.

( Hidden Powers of Chocolate )

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh11
Title: Der Flirt (German translation of [ profile] kitty_fic's Flirt)
Summary: Harry swears he's imagining Draco flirting with him, until. . .
Word Count: 2680
Rating: NC-17
Contains: crossdressing
Translator's Notes: Happy Holidays, Kitty! With pink lace knickers or not! :)

Der Flirt (German) )

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To leave a gift for [ profile] kitty_fic, please comment here and our owl will deliver it.

Original art by [ profile] leochi.

LJ Name: [ profile] kitty_fic

Favorite Cliches, Genres, and Kinks:
♥ romance, fluff, love, hurt/comfort, flangst
♥ forced bonding, soulmates, powerful boys, creature, mpreg, aurors, quidditch players, healers, eighth year, hogwarts era, rentboys, jealous boys, time travel, drinking games, fairy tales
♥ dirty talk, blowjobs, cock-slut, small cock, big cock, daddy!kink, rimming, gender bender, kink, animagus, some D/s focused on powerplay, crossdressing

Prompts, Quotes or Scenarios:
1) I'm a sucker for a mistletoe fic! You know the kind that requires more than kissing ^_~
2) Christmas with a vampire
3) Stepping into a fairy ring

Holiday Prompt Words: mistletoe, gingerbread houses, kisses in the snow, fairy lights, eggnog

Squicks or Things You'd Like to Avoid: non-con, scat, unhappy endings, heavy D/s or S&M more than spanking, infidelity

Types of Gifts You'd Like to Recieve: drabs, fics, art, icons, banners, fanvideos, poems, podfics, etc. Any and all! <3

Rating Preferences: If there is such a thing as something higher than NC-17, you have my permission to go there. But I'll be equally happy with a fluffy little something with with no smut as well! <3


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