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Gift from: [ profile] kironomi
Title: Ballroom
Summary: Christmas eve masquerade ball at the Ministry.
Art Medium: Digital Illustration
Rating: Mature

( Ballroom )

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Gift from: [ profile] ea_stofnar
Title: Oblivion
Harry spared a fleeting thought for the people who'd once lived here, wondered what had prompted them to abandon their home. And then he was ghosting through the room on the balls of his feet; the dust swirling around his cloak as he went.

He stepped into the derelict living room, noted the open front door and two sets of snowy boot prints training down the long hallway just as Fennik started shouting. Harry heard something that sounded like: "Stop where you are." but the man's voice trailed off, wavering at the end. Harry heard the sound of something heavy and solid hitting the floor.

That’s when Jorgin started screaming.

Word Count: 5,928
Rating: NC-17
Contains: This fic does contain dub-con (non-con-ish). It also contains semi-graphic original character death. Please do not read if these are triggers for you.

( Oblivion )

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Gift from: [ profile] sepherim_ml
Title: Wishes Come True
Summary: Draco finds the Mirror of Erised in an abandoned classroom. There's an old family legend regarding the mirror and a spell that can make the images in the mirror come true...
Word Count: 3700
Rating: PG
Contains: post-war, EWE, hurt/comfort
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] geminifaerie84! When I found your prompt on the Mirror of Erised, I snagged it straight away. I hope you enjoy the result!
Thanks so much to F for beta-ing the fanfic as part of the exchange. You're brilliant!

( Wishes Come True )

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Gift from: [ profile] chibitoaster
Title: Pillows on the Floor
Summary: It's pretty much sheer porn. No two ways about it.
Medium: Ink on paper
Rating: NC-17
Contains: anal sex
Notes: Lube and condoms, people. Lube and condoms. Oh, and matching tattoos. It's maybe a thing for me.
I know it's just gratuitous, but you like top Draco, and I'm PERFECTLY okay with that. :)
Sorry I didn't have time to color. I hope you like black and white.

Pillows on the Floor (NSfW) )

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Gift from: [ profile] darkravenwrote
Title: White Flags
Summary: There’s something about snow that brings out the innocence in people. Malfoy is no exception.
Word Count: ~700
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Nope.*
Notes: Merry Christmas, Geminifaerie!!! And a Happy New Year to all!!!! I couldn’t come up with something I was happy with for your prompts, but I hope this sugar sweet lil’ thing makes you smile, dear. :D Sorry I’m a little late. In fact, a massive thanks goes out to the mods because they’ve put up with so much from me this year - won’t bore you with the details.

White Flags )

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Gift from: [ profile] alafaye
Title: A Gift
Summary: Enough is enough, their friends decide.
Word Count: 550
Rating: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) *None?*
Notes: Thanks to my beta [ profile] nursedarry. And [ profile] geminifaerie84, I hope you enjoy this.

A Gift )

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Gift from: [ profile] anemonen
Title: Draco and Harry's Christmas Card
Summary: Harry is messing around, to Draco's annoyance.
Art Medium: Digital painting
Rating: G
Contains: None
Notes: [ profile] geminifaerie84, I really fell for the "25 ways to annoy your flatmate at Christmas" prompts. Especially the one with the antlers made me imagine Harry doing, so that's what I went for. I hope you like it. Thanks so much to [ profile] capitu for the lovely beta help!

Draco and Harry's Christmas Card )


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