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Gift from: [ profile] xerised
Title: Kiss
Summary: For the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, it's not Ron that Harry rescues from the Great Lake, but Draco Malfoy. Hogwarts-era.
Word Count: 10,764
Rating: PG-13
Notes:Although the story takes place during the Triwizard Tournament, I've changed the age of the boys to 16. All quotes from Goblet of Fire belong to J. K. Rowling. Thanks to the mods for organising the fest, and thank you very much, momatu, for the brilliant beta yet again. Dear digthewriter, it was wonderful writing this for you. I tried to fulfill as many of your ideas as possible - I know your preference was an NC-17 rating, but your request "no such thing as too young to be in love" jumped out at me. I hope that you will enjoy your gift as much as I enjoyed creating it!

( Kiss )

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Gift from: [ profile] geminifaerie84
Title: The Order of Merlin and Morgana
Summary: In Sixth Year, a few days before the Winter Holidays, Harry finds himself with Professor McGonagall as his new guardian, and ends up trapped in a room with Draco. The two rivals discover that McGonagall and Narcissa are part of an ancient society, The Order of Merlin and Morgana, which accepts both Light and Dark Wizards. The Order recently discovered "The Ritual", designed by Merlin and Morgana, which grants two individuals the power to defeat a threat to the Wizarding World. The ritual requires a representative of the Dark and the Light to bond, and guess who have just been volunteered?
Word Count: 20,837
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Underage sex and bonding (Harry and Draco are 16)
Notes: Merry Christmas to you, [ profile] digthewriter! I was so excited to receive you as one of my giftees, because I love your work. I tried to incorporate some of your requests, such as forced proximity and angst, and this thing really got away from me. I hope you enjoy it!

( The Order of Merlin and Morgana )

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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: From the Ashes and the Shadows
Rating: PG-13
Medium: Sketch and Digital Art, Poetry
Content Warnings: n/a
Summary: From the ashes of war and the shadows of nightmares, Harry and Draco pull one another to safety.
Artist's Notes: I was so thrilled to be able to create something for you, [ profile] digthewriter! I took your prompt of dragons and went off on a tangent, LOL. I do hope you like it my lovely. The happiest of holidays to you and yours <33

From the Ashes and the Shadows )

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Gift from: [ profile] knowmefirst
Title: A Lovely Surprise
Summary: When Harry decided to shower that day, he never expected Draco to arrive and cuddle with him.
Art Medium: Photoshop/pencils/sharpies
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *nudity (lol)*
Notes: [ profile] digthewriter I'm not as good as you at drawing, not even close :) However, when I saw what you wanted I couldn't help but draw you this scene for you and in this type of style :D So, with that, I hope you like it.

A Lovely Surprise )

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Gift from: [ profile] darkravenwrote
Title: Finding the Words
Summary: It shouldn’t be that hard really. It’s just a question. Just a few words. So why is Harry finding it so hard to say them?
Word Count: 905
Rating: G
Contains: no warnings
Notes: Hey Dig :D Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having an amazing one! And to everyone else too. So, I managed to get one or two of your wish list items in, hope you like it.

Finding the Words )

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Gift from: [ profile] snowgal
Title: Masterlist of Harry/Draco fics
Description: Spreadsheet of over 200 fics written by [ profile] digthewriter between Aug 2013 and Nov 2015. Fields include: title, rating, word count, summary, URL, and pub date.
Notes: Dig has written many more non-HD fics as well, but because this is an HD-centered fest (and because she is incredibly prolific!) this masterlist is limited to just her HD fics as of Nov 7, 2015. Hopefully I haven't missed any!
Link: Masterlist of HD fics by digthewriter

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Gift from: [ profile] alafaye
Title: It Can Wait
Summary: There's a box, but they both agree, it's for the future.
Word Count: 590
Rating: G
Contains: nothing noteworthy
Notes: Thanks to my beta, [ profile] mahmfic; all remaining mistakes are my own.

It Can Wait )

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Gift from: [ profile] kathora_kiryu
Title: Under Pressure
Summary: Muggle AU. Harry and Draco have been roommates and unlikely friends for years. Will a stranger's words make Harry realize he wants something more.
Word Count: 4400
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Muggle AU. Club. Wee bit of Fluff. Shower Fun Times.*
Notes: Ok. This was exciting, infuriating, time consuming, UUUUGHGHGH, and amazing. I did my best to make it how [ profile] digthewriter requested it. I hope you enjoy... and sorry for errors. ^.^

Under Pressure )

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Gift from: [ profile] shim_raya
Title: Game of Cards
Summary: This time, their traditional poker night could take a whole new turn.
Word Count: ~2790
Rating: NC-17
Contains: biased game of poker, chair!sex
Notes: Dear [ profile] digthewriter, I’m one of your fans, so it was very exciting writing for you ☺ I really hope you’ll like my little ficlet, I certainly had a lot of fun writing it. All my thanks and love to [ profile] iwao for her last-minute betaing and her incredible kindness *big hugs to her*

Game of Cards )

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Gift* from: [ profile] queenie_mab
Title: Our Relationship Quantified in Five Boxes by [ profile] digthewriter
Link to Text: Our Relationship Quantified in Five Boxes
Author's summary: Draco has been announced dead and the wizarding community finds out that Harry is the sole recipient of all of Draco’s possessions, his flat, etc. Harry doesn’t understand why. They’ve not spoken in nearly six years.
Podfic Length: 00:26:28
Rating: R
Contains: The story has a flashback of underage sex between the characters when they were fourteen. Mentioned mpreg.
Notes: Dig, I hope you love this. It was great fun to make a podfic for you!

Streaming Audio


  • MP3 (right click to save) | Size: 24.3MB | Duration: 00:26:28

* Podfic gifts are not anon.

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Gift from: [ profile] kisslicknipsuck
Title: Dirty Martini
Summary: "If you know I run away every time, why do you keep asking?" "If you know I'm going to ask every time, why do you keep coming back?"
Word Count: 593
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *fluff, reluctantly pining!Draco, and Quidditch Player!Harry. Nothing untoward, unless you count checking out someone's backside:D*
Notes: Beta'd by the brilliant [ profile] vaysh11. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Dirty Martini )

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Gift from: [ profile] ritalaura2000
Title: No Hope Left
Summary: Draco was arrested. He lost any hope …
Art Medium: manipulation
Rating: NC-17, NOT for angst
Contains: (Highlight to view) *just a bit of drama *
Notes: A huge thanks to my beta Ned ([ profile] nedfic), you’re amazing, REALLY amazing. Dani ([ profile] daan73), thanks for your support.

No Hope Left )


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