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Gift from: [ profile] burnin_up_a_sun
Title: All The Things You Are, Are Mine
Summary: Harry's pretending to be Draco's boyfriend in front of the Malfoys. But Harry bungles it in the worst best way.
Word Count: 1623
Rating: R/Mature (language)
Contains: no warnings required
Notes: This gift is for DarkRavenWrote, who likes pretend relationships. Hopefully, this will give her a teeny squee. Merry Christmas, darling. The title comes from this wonderful Kern/Hammerstein song sung by a very young Frank Sinatra.

( All The Things You Are, Are Mine )

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Gift from: [ profile] ustorycollector
Title: Thank You
Summary: Harry is fed up of listening to Draco Malfoy complain about living at home. It's not like he'll listen to any of Harry's suggestions. Although, maybe if he did, things wouldn't work out exactly as Harry thinks they would.
Word Count: 25,015
Rating: NC-17
Contains: fake relationships
Notes: I loved writing this so much... it completely took over my life! I really love the fake relationship trope, so it was awesome to see that on your list of likes! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I tried to get some nice wintery blues in there for you!
Thanks to L for beta reading! Any mistakes are mine

( Thank You )

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Gift from: [ profile] kittyaugust
Title: Forbidden Fruit and Broken Chains
Summary: Harry Potter lost his freedom when his parents lost the War. Now he's about to lose the one thing he had left: his heart.
Prequel to Choosing You by [ profile] darkravenwrote
Word Count: 7354
Rating: Explicit (for both themes and smut)
Contains: Slavery, Voldemort Won AU, Social Power Differential, Smut, Fluff, Pining, Excessive Sexual Tension, Mild Sartorial Kinks, Dark themes treated lightly, Seventeen year olds in sexual situations.
Notes: Dearest [ profile] darkravenwrote, this fic was already partially plotted based on your prompts just in a slightly different setting. Then when I saw your fic Choosing You, from last year's Owlfest, I realised that with a few minor changes I could make this story fit in your Choosing You universe -- then I just couldn't stop. I hope you find this as enjoyable to read as I did to write. Most of all, I hope you don't mind me taking liberties and inviting myself into your 'verse.
Lots of love to [ profile] eidheann_writes for the very helpful beta read (and most of all for stopping me from over thinking myself - *heart*). Any remaining mistakes or issues are my own.

( Forbidden Fruit and Broken Chains )

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Gift from: [ profile] create_serenity
Title: A Life Of No Regrets
Summary: There are some things Harry knows he will never regret.
Word Count: 752
Rating: G
Contains: No warnings apply
Notes: Thank you to the mods and to my beta. This turned out shorter than I intended but I hope you enjoy this brief zip through Harry's life, [ profile] darkravenwrote.

( A Life of No Regrets )

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Gift from: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Title: Following the Snow
Summary: Harry is following Draco Malfoy, again.
Word Count: 2,500
Rating: PG
Contains: *none*
Notes: [ profile] darkravenwrote, I loved your snowy prompt and hope you like what I did with it.
[ profile] omi_ohmy, thank you for making this much better than it would have been.

( Following the Snow )

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Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: Kissing the snow off your face
Summary: Harry and Draco share a moment.
Art Medium: Digital
Rating: G
Notes: Hope you enjoy this, [ profile] darkravenwrote.

Kissing the snow off your face )

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Gift from: [ profile] bloodisshrp
Title: My December
Summary: Harry’s at a function he doesn’t want to be, again. All he needs is a little push in the direction or towards the right person.
Word Count: ~1420
Rating: G
Contains: Nothing but fluff.
Notes: Dear [ profile] darkravenwrote, here’s a fluffy little Christmas story for you! I hope you like it! :) Fixed and made prettier by [ profile] digthewriter who is awesome! <3 Title is a song by Linkin Park.

My December )

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Gift from: [ profile] rillalicious
Title: In the Middle of a Mystery
Summary: When Harry, Hermione and Ron go searching for the source of magical outages, fallen owls aren't all they find in the snow.
Word Count: ~5000
Rating: PG
Contains: EWE, no warnings
Notes: Thank you so much to my beta, S! [ profile] darkravenwrote, I love dystopian fic, too, so I found that prompt irresistible. I hope you enjoy this!

( In the Middle of a Mystery )

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Gift from: [ profile] candamira
Title: Dare2Dance
Summary: Harry and his crew - The Chosen Ones - need to win the most famous street-dance contest of the country, the Dare2Dance. The battles begin and all looks well. Until a new, mysterious crew throws the gauntlet at them: The Dragons
Word Count: ~15,700
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) * AU. EWE. Excessive dancing. -- The songs I wrote the choreographies for didn’t yet exist in the year 2003, I apologize for the timeline incoherency.*
Notes: First of all, you awesome mods of this awesome fest - [ profile] kitty_fic and [ profile] vaysh - thank you for taking care of the owls all year long, so that they are ready for hd_owlpost when we need them! -- Dear darkravenwrote, I wish you a merry, merry Christmas and I really hope you will like what I wrote for you. -- N, my dear friend, as always I’m very happy to have you at my side and in my Google docs. -- Special love goes to the betas who helped me to get this thing up and dancing running: The amazing [ profile] emansil_12 polished it with the patience and thoroughness it needed to shine as bright as possible for my giftee. Her voice shines through in every line. [ profile] digthewriter took care of the SpaG and Britpick mistakes and fixed some last-minute-emergencies. Thank you both so much! -- All remaining mistakes are mine.

( Dare2Dance )

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Gift from: [ profile] eidheann_writes
Title: In Flight
Word Count: ~5000
Rating: NC-17
Contains: creatures, blood, a dystopian magical au
Notes: Dear [ profile] darkravenwrote, this was about as far from my normal as is possible for a fic to be. Huge thanks to the mods (and your prompts/preferences, which I went a bit mad with-- though some were more inspired by than direct, for which I apologise) for the opportunity. Also thanks to T, C, O and N for the advice, handholding, cheerleading, beta reading, and talking me down from the ledge'ing without which this fic wouldn't exist.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: What a Malfoy wanted, a Malfoy got. And Draco Malfoy wanted Harry Potter.

In Flight )
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Gift from: [ profile] cassisluna
Title: Salvation
Summary: You still have to save everyone, Potter. Wake up.
Save me, he wanted to say.
Word Count/Art Medium: 4,233
Rating: PG-13
Notes: [ profile] darkravenwrote, this is my shot at dystopia but I don’t think it’s very dystopian at all hahaha :D;;; I grovel on my knees in apology that I didn’t manage to insert some of your other prompts, but I do hope you enjoy this one! D’:

Salvation )

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Gift from: [ profile] nenne
Title: Draco's Tie
Art Medium: Pencil/coal
Rating: G

Draco's Tie )


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