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Gift from: [ profile] marysiak
Title: The Edge of Glory
Summary: Top Gun!AU. Featuring broom aviators Harry 'Maverick' Potter and Draco 'Iceman' Malfoy.
Word Count: 600 words
Rating: G
Notes: A drabble is 100 words long, which is very short, so I have made each paragraph of this very short story 100 words long for a total of 600 words. Also inspired by The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga.

Read on AO3: ( The Edge of Glory )

Read here: The Edge of Glory )

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Gift from: [ profile] rillalicious
Title: The Game
Summary: Harry and Draco engage in a yearly competition to each retrieve an item that the other has specified. Every New Year's Eve they meet in a Gringotts vault to share their success. This year, Draco is running late.
Word Count: ~1700
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Offscreen minor character death*
Notes: Thank you, B, for the beta reading! I hope you like this [ profile] candamira! Have a fantastic holiday season!

( The Game )

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Gift from: [ profile] kikimay
Title: Detailed comment of "Black Coffee" written by [ profile] candamira
Summary: I loved this story and I'm going to tell you why, hopefully without boring you too much
Word Count: 1020
Rating: gen
Notes: Hope I didn't make mistakes.

Detailed Comment for Black Coffee )

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Gift from: [ profile] leontinabowie
Title: Comment for Between Ink and Blood by [ profile] candamira
"Yes. Just – how did you know? I didn't know myself that I want a tattoo until I saw the Hungarian Horntail," Harry said. Druid shrugged. "It's hard to explain, my magic sings to me and then I just know. It's a druidic gift passed on from father to son since the early days, together with a message every male in my family gets as his first tattoo." He showed Harry the inner side of his forearm. The dark green of the calligraphic writing stood starkly against the pallor of the skin: Be careful with the lines you draw because there is a secret world between ink and blood where they will come alive.
Word Count: 990
Contains: Story spoilers
Notes: If you haven’t read this story yet, you totally should because it’s beautiful. Also they make love on a rock out at sea in a storm. [ profile] candamira, I adored your story ♥

Comment for Between Ink and Blood )

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Gift from: [ profile] knowmefirst
Title: Crazy Glitter Icons
Summary: Three icons
Art Medium: Icons
Rating: G
Notes: [ profile] candamira I hope you like them!

Crazy Glitter Icons for :


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Gift from: [ profile] lauren3210
Title: And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree
Summary: Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.
Word Count: 8,000
Rating: NC-17 (just)
Contains: Slight bastardisation of the meaning of The Twelve Days of Christmas; silly boys with silly crushes; enough fluff that you might need to visit a dentist afterwards.
Notes: Dear [ profile] candamira, it was an absolute treat to write for you. I played around a little with your prompt, so I hope you like what I eventually came up with! Huge thanks to [ profile] indyonblue for being the trooper that she is and never complaining about my last-minute cries for help, and to the mods for such a great fest. Happy Holidays everyone!

( And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree )

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Gift from: [ profile] mab
Title: The Winner Shaves it All
Authors: [ profile] candamira and [ profile] nia_kantorka
Summary: Draco still bears the scars Harry inflicted on him with Sectumsempra. Though, when Draco loses the wanking contest, Harry is allowed to use a blade on him again.
Link to Text: The Winner Shaves it All
Podfic Length: 30:17 minutes
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) *razor/shaving kink, armpit kink*
Notes: [ profile] candamira and [ profile] nia_kantorka, I hope you love how I've read your fic, and I hope your holidays are wonderful! Thanks also to the wonderful mods. I appreciate your patience with me getting my final gift submitted.

Click cover to get to podfic.

Podfic owl gifts are not anon.

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Gift from: [ profile] vaysh
Title: Seven Times Seven
Summary: Two wizards, a raven and a unicorn live in an old tower by the sea.
Word Count: 1250
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *magical AU*
Notes: Dear [ profile] candamira, this ficlet is inspired by your wonderful prompt: Draco has to spend his days as a unicorn and can only be human at night while Harry on the contrary has to spend his nights as a raven, turning into his human form with the first ray of sun. Will the magic of Christmas break the curses? It deserves a much longer story but I hope you enjoy this little tale. A happy New Year for you. ♥

Seven Times Seven )

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Gift from: [ profile] snugglemint
Title: Picture Perfect
Summary: When you project a picture for your future, the result image rarely matches the negatives.
Word Count: 3900
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Muggle Living
Notes: Dear prompter, I sort of used one of your prompts. Mostly, I was inspired by your random things list and this story bloomed from those! It came out a little fluffier than I expected, but I hope it’s still to your liking.

Picture Perfect )


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