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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: PDF for: The Potter-Malfoy Resurgence
Summary: PDF
Art Medium: digital
Rating: story: NC-17
Notes: I really enjoyed reading your adorable story and I hope you enjoy the PDF to go with it.

The Potter-Malfoy Resurgence [PDF] )

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Gift from: [ profile] germankitty
Title: A Merry H/D and Hogwarts Christmas
Summary: A few Christmas-themed icons, general Hogwarts ones, Harry Potter characters ...
Art Medium: Icons, digital
Rating: G to NC-17
Notes: Dear [ profile] bloodisshrp, I had way too much fun playing with pictures of Harry and Draco (or DanRad/Tom Felton, as the case may be) as well as other characters within the Potterverse. Most of those I stole off picked up on Google and applied them to various effect- and avatar-building sites on the 'net. All icons are suitable for use on LJ and DW. I hope you like what I've come up with, and have fun with them. Happy Holidays! :-)

Teaser Icons:

Hogwarts Houses Xmas bauble  Harry thermal   playsantadraco

Icon Table )
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Gift from: [ profile] candamira
Title: Protect Me From What I Want
Summary: Something dangerous and irresistible has come to the Black Lake. Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy investigate, and discover that there's a greater allure between them than the one exuding from the dark force hiding in the cold depth.
Word Count: 13,244
Rating: R
Contains: Alternate Universe, HP:EWE, Post Hogwarts, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Falling In Love, Off-screen Minor OC Character Death, Secret Relationship, Happy Ending
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] bloodisshrp! Protect Me From What I Want was inspired by your wishes for hurt/comfort, angst, secret relationships and happy endings. It's Christmas, so you shall have it all. :)
Special thanks to the mods for their patience and to my alpha and beta for their stellar last-minute efforts.

( Protect Me From What I Want )

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Gift from: [ profile] capitu
Title: A Dare is a Wish (your heart makes) [PDF]
Summary: PDF file of [ profile] bloodisshrp's story A Dare is a Wish (your heart makes).
Art Medium: Photoshop & illustrations
Rating: PG 13
Contains: ~
Notes: Happy Holidays, [ profile] bloodisshrp! This has been a favourite of mine since I read it, and it was awesome doing this PDF of the story. I hope you approve of the little touches. :) Thank you to my lovely M for checking this every step of the way, and to L & B for the ~inspiration! <3

A Dare is a Wish (your heart makes) [PDF] )

Gift from: [ profile] knowmefirst
Title: Banner for A Dare is a Wish (your heart makes)
Summary:Draco waits as Blaise takes his time, downing Pansy’s shot and leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head, "I dare you to seduce a man of my choosing."
"A dare, Blaise, really? Are we twelve again?" Draco smirks, ignoring the slight interest he feels in the dare. It has been quite a while since he last faced a challenge.
Art Medium: digital
Rating: banner: G | story: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) * intoxication*
Notes: Dear [ profile] bloodisshrp hope you like it! Love the story, I was cheering all through for Draco :)

A Dare is a Wish (your heart makes) [Story Banner] )

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Gift from: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Title: The Gift of Giving
Summary: The eighth-years are having a Secret Santa gift exchange.
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: PG
Contains: no warnings
Notes: Dear [ profile] bloodisshrp, I loved all of your prompts, but this was the one that stuck in my head. I really hope you enjoy this little ficlet.
Thank you to the speedy and sweet [ profile] capitu for the Beta work.

The Gift of Giving )

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Gift from: [ profile] anemonen
Title: Yes
Summary: The candles were in glass jars, each with an alphabet on them and spelled out on the table were the words that took Draco’s breath away. - Quote from Nervous by [ profile] bloodisshrp,
Art Medium: Pencil
Rating: G
Contains: None
Notes: [ profile] bloodisshrp, I saw you wanted art for a fic and I wanted to give that to you. Your drabble series for 25 days of Draco and Harry was so adorable, and I really fell for Nervous. The scene you described was so beautiful, so I had to illustrate it. I hope you like what I did. Thanks so much to [ profile] capitu and [ profile] iwao for the beta help!

Yes )


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