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Gift from: [ profile] shiftylinguini
Title: Handing Over the Reigns
Summary: For the prompt "Because Harry has to be professionally dominant it's just that much more freeing and important to be able to submit to and be taken care of by Draco at home."
Word Count: 766
Art Medium: Pencil
Rating: PG
Notes: Dear [ profile] awickedmemory - I really fell in love with this prompt! I had planned to explore something a bit sexy, but I got stuck on the 'taking care of' side of things, and I think Harry might be more 'tired from dealing with idiots' than dominant, but I do hope you like it!
Special thanks to [ profile] llaeyro for the amazing last minute beta!

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Handing Over the Reigns )

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Gift from: [ profile] alafaye
Title: Leaving Work At Work
Summary: Harry's been away from home, out of sorts, because of a large work load. Christmas Eve is his time to fix that.
Word Count: 1374
Rating: R
Contains: (Highlight to view) *D/s relationship*
Notes: Thanks to my beta, [ profile] mahmfic. All remaining mistakes are my own.

Leaving Work At Work )

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Gift from: [ profile] huldrejenta
Title: Learning Something New
Summary: Harry had always been the strong one, but maybe what he needed was for someone to take care of him every now and then.
Word Count: 1000 words
Rating: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Dom/sub undertones*
Notes: Happy holidays, dear [ profile] awickedmemory! I hope you enjoy this little ficlet :)
Many thanks to the wonderful mods and to the equally wonderful [ profile] shiftylinguini for beta reading!

( Learning Something New )

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Gift from: [ profile] writcraft
Title: Men in Uniform
Summary: Harry and Draco try to avoid getting distracted at work by the sight of one another in uniform.
Art Medium: GIMP 2.0 and Wacom tablet. Digital art.
Rating: G
Contains: No warnings
Notes:Thanks so much to the lovely mods for their patience. Awickedmemory, you said you liked Auror!Harry and Hitwizard!Draco, so I focused on the boys in their uniforms on assignment. I hope you like it, and happy holidays!

Men in Uniform )

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Gift from: [ profile] darkravenwrote
Title: The Gift of Joy
Summary: When Harry finds one of Draco’s discarded toys, Draco is unsure how to react. But the care with which Harry handles the broken thing makes Draco realise he has never had nice things before. He sets out on a mission to make every one of Harry’s Christmases special. Secret Santa style, of course.
Word Count: ~2,500
Rating: G
Contains: (Highlight to view) *fluff, sugar sweetness. There’s hints of canon wartime memory going offscreen*
Notes: Okay, so apparently I need to reread the books because considering all events was harder than I thought it would be. Merry Christmas, [ profile] awickedmemory. This is based on one of your prompts. I hope you enjoy it :D

( The Gift of Joy )

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Gift from: [ profile] geminifaerie84
Title: Snowbound
Summary: It’s Christmas and Aurors Potter and Malfoy are on assignment in Russia when their covers are blown. A faulty port key drops them off near an Auror safe house, and they make it inside just before a blizzard hits, only to discover that they are in a magical dead zone; with no magic and no way to get home, what will our favorite Aurors do to occupy their time?
Word Count: 4,854
Rating: NC-17
Contains: anal, fingering, pwp
Notes: For [ profile] awickedmemory. Thank you for a wonderful prompt! I wanted the fic to have more substance, but Harry and Draco didn’t agree; they said they were fighting their feelings for too long, and they just wanted to move onto the good stuff - who am I to argue? I hope you enjoy the story!

( Snowbound )

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Gift from: [ profile] susannah_wilde
Title: The Last Drop
Summary: Malfoy imparts some flawed wisdom and logic to Harry when they meet at a coffee shop.
Word Count: 2,500 words
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *An OOC Draco and his weird obsession with coffee and tea. (I blame the coffee for him and this pseudo-crack!fic.) *
Notes: [ profile] awickedmemory you were great to write for because you requested coffee shop fic and since I don’t drink coffee I had a chance to go to Starbucks and people-watch. I realized that coffee lingo is lost on me and that people are very particular about the coffee they drink. (Draco’s coffee order comes from this list.) I hope you enjoy reading this and have a wonderful Christmas.
Thank you L for the beta and to the mods for organizing this. Y’all are awesome!

The Last Drop )

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Gift from: [ profile] ashindk
Title: Christmas Treats
Summary: Draco finds a book of family recipes...
Word Count: 1100
Rating: G
Notes: Dear [ profile] awickedmemory, Happy Christmas! I hope you enjoy these recipes. They're family favourites and it's not really Christmas without them. Also thank you [ profile] susannah_wilde for beta reading.

Christmas Treats )

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Gift from: [ profile] who_la_hoop
Title: The Unlikely Career Choices of Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy
Summary: Draco Malfoy is up to something. Something evil. Because he’s certainly not mixing drinks in Muggle London for the good of anybody’s health now, is he?
Word Count: 5.5k
Rating: Teen
Contains: swearing, sexual innuendo, general silliness, Draco being a bit of a git :D
Notes: I was attempting to write a coffeeshop AU for you, [ profile] awickedmemory, but it took a bit of a different direction, lmao. I hope you enjoy this, nevertheless!

The Unlikely Career Choices of Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy )


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