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Gift from: [ profile] thistle_verse
Title: Detailed comment for Single, Oblivious, and Love Struck
Summary: The holidays are approaching and with it the annual Ministry Ball. Single, oblivious and love struck Harry thinks he’ll just go stag. After all, who needs a date when he can just silently pine after a certain equally oblivious blond.
Word Count: 3265 (fic) | 585 (comment)
Rating: R
Notes: It was such a joy to go back and read this story. Happy Holidays!

Comment )

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Gift from: [ profile] enchanted_jae
Title: Auror Escort
Summary: The Minister assigns Auror Potter as Draco Malfoy's bodyguard. Harry would rather be Crucio'd than go holiday shopping, especially with Malfoy.
Word Count: 1940
Rating: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Heavy petting and
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] _melodic_! Special thanks to [ profile] jake67jake for the beta!

( Auror Escort )

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Gift from: [ profile] kitty_fic
Title: May I Cut In?
Summary: Harry can’t stand to watch Draco dance with another man.
Word Count: 1160
Rating: NC-17
Contains: (Highlight to view) * jealousy, possessiveness, praise kink, dirty talk, fingering, anal sex, semi public sex*
Notes:, I hope you have fun with this little bit of filthy porn. <3

( May I Cut In? )

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Gift from: Nearlyconscious
Title: I can't help but feel attached
Summary: Fluffy portrait of Draco and Harry.
Art Medium: digital
Rating: G
Contains: no warnings
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] _melodic_!
The title is from the lyrics of "Beautiful" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I hope you like this piece and it tells a beautiful story for you!

( I can't help but feel attached )

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Gift from: [ profile] digthewriter
Title: French Wines
Summary: Harry sees Malfoy at King's Cross station.
Word Count: 1125
Rating: PG-13
Contains: (Highlight to view) *Epilogue compliant of sorts. Year: 2020. Banter.*
Notes: This year the owl-post has really challenged me w/ recipients that ask for stories that are out of my comfort zone. Epilogue compliant, isn't exactly my forte, so I hope you enjoy this [ profile] _melodic_. Thanks so much! More story notes: Harry and Draco are divorced with kids attending Hogwarts.

( French Wines )

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Gift from: [ profile] razra_eizel
Title: Vanilla
Summary: Harry and Draco, Auror partners, were sent to a sex shop to investigate whether there are illegal activities going on in there. Harry is mortified, and Draco is enjoying himself too much.
Word Count: ~1200 words
Rating: R-15
Contains: suggestive language, mention of sex toys; this is an AU. No one dies.
Notes: I actually had fun writing this, lol. I haven’t written anything above PG-13 in a long, long time, since I have given up on writing smut completely. Hopefully the recipient will like it. I have written something titled Vanilla before, but for another fandom, and that one is much more serious than this. But it felt like a fitting title for this fic, so yeah.

( Vanilla )


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