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Our Christmas Round here at [ profile] hd_owlpost has finished and our owls have returned from delivering all the wonderful gifts! Thank you to everyone who participated and made this a success - we couldn't have done it without you!

Under the cut is the masterlist of all the gifts received this round. We hope you enjoy looking through them - and please don't forget to leave a comment on the gifts that are yours, if you haven't already.

Masterlist for Round 2: Christmas )

Original art and banner by [ profile] katelinmr.
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Major mod apolgies for the late release of the owls! Christmas ate my life! /o\ Surely it's still Christmas Day somewhere in the world! <3

Let's just say that the owls were delayed by the weather! So be sure to give them a warm place to stay and plenty of owl treats when they finally reach you ^_~

The winners of the vgifts for the first 10 to turn in their gifts were: [ profile] alafaye, [ profile] drarryxlover, [ profile] knowmefirst, [ profile] singlemomsummer, [ profile] brinimc, [ profile] blossomdreams, [ profile] nenne, [ profile] leo_draconis, [ profile] enchanted_jae, and [ profile] emerish!

And the winners for most gifts submitted were: [ profile] singlemomsummer, [ profile] knowmefirst, and [ profile] brinimc!

The gifts to the community can be found HERE!

The recipient list is HERE!

If I've missed something or made a mistake please feel free to point them out and I'll fix it asap!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Much love from your mods!

♥ ♥ ♥
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There are the gifts that were gifted to the community for round 2: Christmas!

- Fanvid: Better Late than Never by [ profile] writcraft

- Fic: Coming Out by [ profile] alafaye

- Icons by [ profile] kitty_fic
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You now have just about 24 hours to submit your first owlpost gift! We still need submissions from a few of you in order for us to release your owls for Christmas delivery!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in such lovely gifts so far! We look forward to receiving even more!

You can access the list of recipients HERE!

Original art and banner by [ profile] katelinmr.

A Few Reminders:

1) You're first gift must be in within approximately the next 24 hours. However we will gladly accept extra gifts after that time!

2) Anyone can leave a gift!

3) You may submit a gift to be given to all participants.

4) You must submit at least one gift in order for your owl to deliver your gifts on Halloween.

5) Drabs, fics, art, icons, banners, fanvideos, poems, podfics, etc. are all acceptable forms of gifts. Anything that can be gifted!

6) Harry/Draco must be the focus of the gift.

7) Post gifts as a comment to the recipient's wish list.

8) If you need the mods to deliver your gifts for any reason (size, etc) please mail them to hdowlpostmods [at] gmail [dot] com

9) If you choose to submit your gifts anonymously, please notify the mods.

10) If you are available to help pinch hit and make extra gifts as needed, please comment to let us know.


Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:56 pm
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There's still plenty of time to submit your gifts, but I wanted to remind you all:

As a special incentive to get your gifts in early, we are offering v-gifts to the first 10 people who submit a gift! AND to the 3 people who submit the most gifts.

The first 4 v-gifts have been sent to [ profile] alafaye, [ profile] drarryxlover, [ profile] knowmefirst and [ profile] enchanted_jae. There are still 6 more up for grabs for those of you who submit your gifts quickly! We are looking forward to all the fantastic presents that will be delivered by our owls this Christmas!

If you've sent a gift in already and I missed it, please let me know! <3
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To leave a gift for [ profile] kitty_fic, please comment here and our owl will deliver it.

Original art by [ profile] leochi.

LJ Name: [ profile] kitty_fic

Favorite Cliches, Genres, and Kinks:
♥ romance, fluff, love, hurt/comfort, flangst
♥ forced bonding, soulmates, powerful boys, creature, mpreg, aurors, quidditch players, healers, eighth year, hogwarts era, rentboys, jealous boys, time travel, drinking games, fairy tales
♥ dirty talk, blowjobs, cock-slut, small cock, big cock, daddy!kink, rimming, gender bender, kink, animagus, some D/s focused on powerplay, crossdressing

Prompts, Quotes or Scenarios:
1) I'm a sucker for a mistletoe fic! You know the kind that requires more than kissing ^_~
2) Christmas with a vampire
3) Stepping into a fairy ring

Holiday Prompt Words: mistletoe, gingerbread houses, kisses in the snow, fairy lights, eggnog

Squicks or Things You'd Like to Avoid: non-con, scat, unhappy endings, heavy D/s or S&M more than spanking, infidelity

Types of Gifts You'd Like to Recieve: drabs, fics, art, icons, banners, fanvideos, poems, podfics, etc. Any and all! <3

Rating Preferences: If there is such a thing as something higher than NC-17, you have my permission to go there. But I'll be equally happy with a fluffy little something with with no smut as well! <3
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Original art and banner by [ profile] katelinmr.

Today is the last day to submit your wishlist! We do hope you will join us!

Choose an owl and grab their code, where you will find the wishlist form!

For more information, check our OwlPost Guide.

I'm looking forward to a great Christmas round! ♥
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Reminder: Sign-ups close on Tuesday, November 15! Send in your wishlists now! <3

Original art and banner by [ profile] katelinmr.


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