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Round-up #3
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] leontinabowie

Review of "Uploaded" (PG | (fic) 12910 words)
Summary: (of fic) Harry and Draco are both up-and-coming YouTubers, and discover a connection when they meet at a YouTube convention.
Quiet Christmas (PG | 1122 words)
Summary: Harry hadn't know that Christmas could be this quiet. But sometimes, the best opportunities come out of the silence.
Dancing On His Own (NC-17 | 6300 words)
Summary: Under the decadent lights of London’s gay bars, Draco and Harry find one another again after years of searching.

Owl gifts for [ profile] ustorycollector

With This Ring (G | 2140 words)
Summary: Harry finds something in the snow and it turns his world around.
Some Day My Happy Arms Will Hold You (R | 1270 words)
Summary: Draco tricks Harry into being his pretend boyfriend in front of the Malfoys. Maybe it won't be so bad.
Mistletoe (PG-13 | 6483 words)
Summary: It's Christmas when Draco finds the engagement ring. Post-Hogwarts.

Owl gifts for [ profile] digthewriter

From the Ashes and the Shadows (PG-13 | art)
Summary: From the ashes of war and the shadows of nightmares, Harry and Draco pull one another to safety.
The Order of Merlin and Morgana (NC-17 | 20,840 words)
Summary: In Sixth Year, a few days before the Winter Holidays, Harry finds himself with Professor McGonagall as his new guardian, and ends up trapped in a room with Draco. The two rivals discover that McGonagall and Narcissa are part of an ancient society, The Order of Merlin and Morgana, which accepts both Light and Dark Wizards. The Order recently discovered "The Ritual", designed by Merlin and Morgana, which grants two individuals the power to defeat a threat to the Wizarding World. The ritual requires a representative of the Dark and the Light to bond, and guess who have just been volunteered?
Kiss (PG-13 | 10760 words)
Summary: For the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, it's not Ron that Harry rescues from the Great Lake, but Draco Malfoy. Hogwarts-era.

Owl gifts for [ profile] brinimc

Harry's Happy Bakery (PG | 565 words)
Summary: Draco darts into a shop to escape a snow shower, only to realize he's stumbled into Harry's Happy Bakery.
We Found Love (G | 1622 words)
Summary: On the eve of their daughter's wedding, Harry and Draco rediscover love.
Kiss (NC-17 | 15,000 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco are forced to kiss over and over again, because that’s just what happens to two arch-enemies around Christmas.

Owl gifts for [ profile] rillalicious

The Fire That Keeps You Warm (R | 2140 words)
Summary: Malfoy may spew venom and do his best to push Harry away, but Harry is far too determined to let him go.
An Early Christmas Surprise (NC-17 | 3266 words)
Summary: "A whisper of sound catches my attention, and I pause, looking around once again. There is no one there; no ghosts, no professors, no students. I decide it was a trick of my overactive imagination and begin to move forward once more, only to be caught unawares when an invisible hand covers my mouth, and the firm tip of an unseen wand presses against the base of my throat....A gentle kiss, then the feel of teeth scraping over my pulse point, and the pleasure-pain of a new mark being made. I know these lips, those hands, and it is enough to make me relax against the man behind me..."
One Letter Later (PG | 570 words)
Summary: Draco finds a letter on his study.

Owl gifts for [ profile] writcraft

Review of "Crush" and "Back to the Start" (NC-17 and R | 8000 and 3300 words)
Summary: (Crush) Scorpius Malfoy is in love with Harry Potter. That thing with Al was just a distraction. Wasn't it?
(Back to the Start) Harry wakes from a nightmare to find Draco there despite the fact they’re not supposed to be together anymore.
Man is Least Himself... (G | 261 words)
Summary: Poem inspired by Oscar Wilde, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth".
Shall I Stay (PG-13 | 1243 words)
Summary: Staff aren’t allowed to fraternise with the chalet owners. That hasn’t stopped Harry though. Draco Malfoy’s return to Chalet 3 is always the highlight of Harry’s year. He likes to think the feeling is mutual.

Owl gifts for [ profile] capitu

Harry's Flower (R | 3250 words)
Summary: Since the beginning of their relationship, Draco had received one flower – no more, no less – from Harry every day. He never thought his supply of flowers would end, until Harry got critically injured in an attack…

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Round-up #2
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Love In Any Season (G | craft)
Summary: Harry and Draco in the last days of fall.
Roughing It (R | 1500 words)
Summary: In which Harry tries to book a rustic romantic getaway, and Draco is extremely unimpressed.
The Fabulous Baker Boys (NC-17 | 11000 words)
Summary: Luna and Hermione are trying to organize a holiday Tea Party for a charity, the Seniors' Social Club. Harry volunteers himself and Draco to provide some of the baked goods.

Owl gifts for [ profile] laraflame
Ouroboros (G | poem)
Harry Explaining Condoms to Draco (PG | art)
Summary: title says it really all
The Things You See On A Thursday (G | 750 words)
Summary: Luna Lovegood has been coming to this pub one Thursday a month for years in order to observe a fascinating phenomenon.

Owl gifts for [ profile] knowmefirst
Evolution (NC-17 | 13000 words)
Summary: Draco Malfoy was condemned to live a Muggle’s life for his three-year probation. His wand was locked away, and he was forbidden to set foot in Wizarding Britain until Hermione Granger secured a job for him in the Aurors' stock room. Harry Potter, who worked three doors away as a junior Auror, frequently visited Draco to check out supplies, take Spanish lessons, and witness Draco’s resolute—if painful—adaptation to a non-magical life … while falling in love with the man who might be too fragile to love him back.
Sometimes We Take Chances (R | 3737 words)
Summary: In a world where the Harry Potter series was written to throw Muggles off the truth, Draco decides to attend LeakyCon, cosplaying as Draco Malfoy.
Seen This Coming (G | 4400 words)
Summary: In which Draco bumbles through seven (+1) years as a Ravenclaw and manages not to realise that Harry's been in love for at least three of those years until he did.
What sort of person didn’t even remember someone who offered to be their friend at eleven?

Owl gifts for [ profile] thistle_verse
The Perfect Gift (PG | 1200 words)
Summary: Harry has no idea what to get Hermione for Christmas and asks for Draco’s advice. Surprisingly, Draco has already found the perfect gift for both of Harry’s friends, even if they are a bit strange.
The Thrill (NC-17 | 2560 words)
Summary: When Pansy forces Draco and Potter to spend time together planning a wedding for their friends, Draco didn't expect things to end up like this.
Comment on 'Late Bloomers' (G | 260 words [comment])
Summary: Harry always thought he had a pretty satisfying array of sexual fantasies, until he stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised again and sees himself getting banged senseless by Draco Malfoy. Now he can't stop thinking about it, and that summer almost twenty years ago when he'd come to know Malfoy very well indeed. [fic]

Owl gifts for [ profile] kitty_fic
Ribbons and Bows (NC-17 | 1586 words)
Summary: Harry comes home from work to a prettily wrapped surprise
Story Banners (PG-13 | graphics)
Summary: Banners for "Gay Means Happy", "The Fire Is So Delightful", and "Forgotten"
Gif Set for Fiery Ice (NC-17 | graphics
Summary: They used to antagonize each other all the time but then hate turned to love. They always had a contradictory kind of relationship.
A Parliament of Owls (G | knitting)
Summary: Beanie and matching mittens

Owl gifts for [ profile] vaysh
Grey and White (G | 3 x 100 words)
Summary: The world outside is grey and white.
Christmas Presents (G | 1600 words)
Summary: Draco reflects on what Christmas has meant to him over the years.
Antebellum (G | art)
Summary: "I know the border lines we drew between us | Keep the weapons down, | Keep the wounded safe; | I know our antebellum innocence | Was never meant to see the light of our armistice day." – Vienna Teng, Antebellum

Owl gifts for [ profile] germankitty
Cradlesong (PG-13 | 4288 words)
Summary: This time, Nymphadora had disappeared leaving something behind: a child, pink and tender, helpless in his cradle. Now Andromeda had to take care of him and Andromeda only wanted to sleep. Set after the Battle of Hogwarts, Andromeda has to take care of her infant grandson Teddy and, surprisingly, of Draco Malfoy. She won't be left alone.
Icons and Banner (G | graphics)
Summary: LJ profile banner and icons
A Night Out... Maybe? (G | art)
Summary: Draco tries to bring "culture" to Harry -- museums, music, ballet, whatever. Harry retaliates by introducing him to Muggle entertainment, from sports to pop music and movies.

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Round-up #1
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] marysiak
Harry Potter and the Hellblazer (PG | 750 words)
Summary: A wizard and an exorcist walk into a pub. It sounds like a joke, Harry wishes it was.
Three Comments (G | 800 words)
Summary: Comments for "Harry in a Hole", "You Never Knew Me" and "When Doves Cry".
This Isn't Just A Distraction (NC-17 | 3710 words)
Summary: Harry hates small space. Really hates them. So when he gets trapped in one with Draco Malfoy there's really only one thing that's going to happen...

Owl gifts for [ profile] lauren3210
Comment (n/a | 2100 words)
Summary: Comment for "I Did it For Love, and I Was Not Afraid"
Winning Isn't Everything (PG-13 | 1325 words)
Summary: For date night, Harry takes Draco to a Muggle bowling alley for the first time.
9 Days of Snowmen (NC-17 | art)
Summary: Harry and Draco make snowmen that are quite representative of themselves—competitive and, um, rather fond of root vegetables…

Owl gifts for [ profile] potteresque_ire
Six Christmases (R | 4800 words)
Summary: A year ago— even a few months ago— Harry would have heeded the note of warning in Malfoy’s voice. He would have been more careful. But care, he thought now, twisted and flowed with the change in landscape; like magic, it fed on a continual change of form.
Comment (G | 800 words)
Summary: Comment for "Silhouettes at Sunset".
[ profile] fantasyfiend09 betaed an as yet unrevealed fic, written by [ profile] potteresque_ire.
[translation] Gemüse H/D Episode 1: Überbackende Aubergine (NC-17 | 1235 words)
Summary: Eine Einkaufswagen-Romanze zwischen Aubergine!Draco und Tomate!Harry. Wird das Schicksal den leidenden Gemüse-Liebhabern gnädig sein?

Owl gifts for [ profile] sepherim_ml
Perfect (PG-13 | 1860 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco's first Christmas as a couple. In another few minutes though, he would need to wake Harry, who would likely grouse and complain and burrow deeper under the blankets and ask why they had to be anywhere so early on Christmas Day. And Draco would remind Harry that exchanging gifts at the manor had been his idea and would lean down to kiss him conciliatorily and tell him his mother would understand if they cancelled.
[ profile] fantasyfiend09 betaed an as yet unrevealed fic, written by [ profile] sepherim_ml.
Slytherin!Harry and How It Changed Christmas (G | art)
Summary: Harry gets sorted in Slytherin and befriends Draco since first year scenario. Several years later, they become more than just best friends.

Owl gifts for [ profile] burnin_up_a_sun
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (PG | 1500 words)
Summary: Harry finds out exactly what happens when he tickles a sleeping dragon.
There's no kissing in Quidditch (G | art)
Summary: "You ready for the game today?" – "Yes, Coach!" Scorpius nodded so hard that the helmet slid forward and bumped his glasses., illustration of "Put me in, Coach".
Hand-Stitched Felt Heart (G | art)
Summary: Without hesitation, Scorpius picked up a hand-stitched felt heart. “This one. Listen.” He placed it near Harry’s ear; he heard the faint swish of a heartbeat. “Papa made this one for me. That’s what my heart sounded like before I was born. He said he loved me from the first time he heard that song.”
Harry closed his eyes and pursed his lips as he swallowed hard. He couldn’t speak without his voice breaking. “I can understand that,” Harry finally said.
, illustration for "The Opposite of Amnesia".

Owl gifts for [ profile] inspired_being
Feels Like A Promise (PG-17 | 1700 words)
Summary: In which Harry and Draco meet in the toilet and share a brief conversation about life after. Maybe nothing had been fixed, but this, this felt like a start to something new.
Maybe they could really go somewhere with this.

Forged in Fiendfyre (R | 12800 words)
Summary: What was forged in Fiendfyre can only be destroyed by Fiendfyre.
[ profile] smirkingcat read [podfic] Do You Feel The Same?, written by [ profile] inspired_being (PG | 10:12 minutes)
Summary: Draco's girlfriend cheats on him and he swear off girls. Meanwhile he has has caught Harry's keen eye and can't seem to shake a frightful feeling.
[ profile] smirkingcat read [podfic] Negotiations and the Arrangement, written by [ profile] inspired_being (PG-13 | 12:42 minutes)
Summary: Draco only has one option left to get a somewhat normal life and Harry is willing to make an arrangement.

Owl gifts for [ profile] candamira
Comment (G | 1200 words)
Summary: Comment for "Black Coffee".
The Game (G | 1700 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco engage in a yearly competition to each retrieve an item that the other has specified. Every New Year's Eve they meet in a Gringotts vault to share their success. This year, Draco is running late.
The Edge of Glory (G | 600 words)
Summary: Top Gun!AU. Featuring broom aviators Harry 'Maverick' Potter and Draco 'Iceman' Malfoy.

Owl gifts for [ profile] darkravenwrote
Thank You (NC-17 | 25,015 words)
Summary: Harry is fed up of listening to Draco Malfoy complain about living at home. It's not like he'll listen to any of Harry's suggestions. Although, maybe if he did, things wouldn't work out exactly as Harry thinks they would.
Forbidden Fruit and Broken Chain (NC-17 | 7350 words)
Summary: Harry Potter lost his freedom when his parents lost the War. Now he's about to lose the one thing he had left: his heart.
All the Things You Are, Are mine (R | 1620 words)
Summary: Harry's pretending to be Draco's boyfriend in front of the Malfoys. But Harry bungles it in the worst best way.

Owl gifts for [ profile] geminifaerie84
Wishes Come True (PG | 3700 words)
Summary: Draco finds the Mirror of Erised in an abandoned classroom. There's an old family legend regarding the mirror and a spell that can make the images in the mirror come true...
Oblivion (NC-17 | 5930 words)
Summary: Harry spared a fleeting thought for the people who'd once lived here, wondered what had prompted them to abandon their home. And then he was ghosting through the room on the balls of his feet; the dust swirling around his cloak as he went.
He stepped into the derelict living room, noted the open front door and two sets of snowy boot prints training down the long hallway just as Fennik started shouting. Harry heard something that sounded like: "Stop where you are." but the man's voice trailed off, wavering at the end. Harry heard the sound of something heavy and solid hitting the floor.
That’s when Jorgin started screaming.

Ballroom (R | art)
Summary: Christmas eve masquerade ball at the Ministry.

Owl gifts for [ profile] persephoneapple
[translation] Weniger als drei (G | 1230 words)
Summary: Für Silvester hat Harry Draco einen Kuss um Mitternacht und drei Worte versprochen.
Comment (G | 450 words)
Summary: Comment for "The Boy With The Dragon Tattoo".
Black Dildos and White Elephants (PG | 1900 words)
Summary: Draco brings a gag gift to a white elephant gift exchange. Potter’s there and chooses Draco’s gift. Why, oh why, does the world hate Draco?

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Round-up #3
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] alafaye:
Fern Frost Fantasies (PG | 300 words)
Summary: Draco muses about what makes Christmas magical to him.
Choosing You (G | 1140 words)
Summary: Harry decides enough is enough. He can’t be in service any longer. And as Malfoy Jr’s valet (and lover) he knows just the person he wants to run away with.
no regrets, just love (G | 1900 words)
Summary: In hindsight, maybe heading off for a combined family holiday was being too optimistic.
Owl gifts for [ profile] awickedmemory:
Handing Over the Reigns (PG | 766 words + ART)
Summary: "Because Harry has to be professionally dominant it's just that much more freeing and important to be able to submit to and be taken care of by Draco at home."
Leaving Work At Work (R | 1374 words)
Summary: Harry's been away from home, out of sorts, because of a large work load. Christmas Eve is his time to fix that.
Learning Something New (PG-13 | 1000 words)
Summary: Harry had always been the strong one, but maybe what he needed was for someone to take care of him every now and then.
Owl gifts for [ profile] fantasyfiend09:
Potter's Kitchen (PG | ART)
Nightfall (R | 2100 words)
Summary: Harry travels by train. Exciting things happen.
Beta Services from lauren3210
Owl gift for [ profile] ritalaura2000:
Quick, Malfoy. Kiss me. (R | 10000 words)
Summary: Harry thinks kissing Malfoy is a good way to keep all the girls away. Draco thinks kissing Potter will make people stop bothering him. Everybody wins!

In Venice, mad, real. (PG-13)
Summary: Just a romantic piece
Owl gifts for [ profile] digthewriter:
A Lovely Surprise (G | ART)
Summary: When Harry decided to shower that day, he never expected Draco to arrive and cuddle with him.
Finding the Words (G | 905 words)
Summary: It shouldn’t be that hard really. It’s just a question. Just a few words. So why is Harry finding it so hard to say them?
Masterlist of Harry/Draco Fic
Owl gifts for [ profile] shiftylinguini:
I'll Drink to That! (PG-13 | 1664 words)
Summary: The annual Ministry Holiday Ball can be frightfully boring.
Masterlist of HP fanart
Behind the Curtain (PG-13 | 600 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco meet behind a curtain at the Ministry’s Christmas party. Drunkenness follows.

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Round-up #2
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] germankitty:
Proper Attire (G | 483 words)
Summary: Surely Draco knows more about clothing than Harry. Even Muggle attire.
First Christmas (G | art)
Summary: The boys enjoying their very first Christmas together.

All Roads Lead Home (G | 14980 words)
Summary: Draco is strong-armed into spending the first Christmas after the War with the Weasleys. And Harry Potter.
Owl gifts for [ profile] hp_darkangel:
To Skate or Note To Skate (G | 614 words)
Summary: Draco presents Harry with two difficult choices
The Best Christmas (G | 617 words)
Summary: Draco surprises Harry with Christmas gift.
Triple Loop (PG-13 | 1150 words)
Summary: Harry can't ice skate, but Malfoy offers to teach him.
Owl gifts for [ profile] josephinestone:
Banner - A Day in the Life of Harry & Draco (PG | banner)
1 Year of Winter (NC-17 | 10253 words)
Summary: Harry is fine, he really is. Suffocating depression, severe anxiety and a rediscovered Malfoy obsession is nothing to worry about, right?
[podfic] Anticipation and Relief (PG | 13:18 min)
Summary: Draco contemplates the peacefulness around him while his life is in the middle of a war, during a game of Spin the Bottle.
Owl gifts for [ profile] sassy_cissa:
There by Your Side, I Will Be (G | art)
Summary: Harry, Draco and the kids spend their first Christmas together as a new family.
[podfic] Seamus Finnigan is Lucky He's Alive (G | 11:18 min)
Summary: 'Today is your lucky day!' read the fortune cookie. Now Draco was wet, cold and wandless. Lucky day my arse!
Eighteen Again (G | 6300 words)
Summary: Draco gets a note from an old friend. Does Harry have more on his mind than just a friendly get together?
Owl gifts for [ profile] vaysh:
I’ll go anywhere you want me (G | video)
Standing Still (PG | 1000 words)
Summary: Draco hates a lot of things. But he thinks he might like a few things, too.

The Boggart (G | art)
Summary: Draco has to face his worst nightmare in auror training...
Owl gifts for [ profile] create_serenity:
[podfic] The Sounds of Sibiliance (G | 39:10 min)
Summary: Draco really wished he'd never suggested buying that bloody snake!
The Push (PG | 4500 words)
Summary: Harry didn’t know what surprised him more: that Draco Malfoy wanted to be an Auror or that they had accepted him for training in the first place. Harry and Draco, along with their partners, are assigned a case where they have to pretend to be on a date.
Single, Oblivious and Love Struck (R | 3300 words)
Summary: The holidays are approaching and with it the annual Ministry Ball. Single, oblivious and love struck Harry thinks he’ll just go stag. After all, who needs a date when he can just silently pine after a certain equally oblivious blond.

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Round-up #1
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] darkravenwrote:
Kissing the snow off your face (G | art)
Following the Snow (PG | 2500 words)
Summary: Harry is following Draco Malfoy, again.
A Life of No Regrets (G | 752)
Summary: There are some things Harry knows he will never regret.
Owl gifts for [ profile] candamira:
Comment for "Between Ink and Blood"
And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree (8000 words | NC-17)
Summary: Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.
Crazy Glitter Icons
Owl gifts for [ profile] kitty_fic:
Rorschach (5500 | G)
Summary: Harry never gave much thought to Malfoy's soulmark. But that was before he caught a glimpse. Now it's all he can think about.
Happy ever after (G | art)
AO3 Upload & a Masterlist of Harry/Draco Fic
Owl gifts for [ profile] smirkingcat:
Beta Services from Gracerene
[podfic] Exposure to Morning Light, by Geneva2010, read by Create_Serenity (25:05 minutes | R)
Christmas Dinner (1950 words | PG)
Summary: Draco unwillingly goes to the Burrows for Christmas dinner, and learns a lot of things.
Owl gifts for [ profile] daleah:
In the Face of Danger (5500 | R)
Summary: Draco would die for Harry. Harry would kill for Draco. But what are their confessions worth in the face of real danger?
With the Family (PG | art+fic | 600 words)
Summary: Draco struggles with making everyone happy at the Christmas dinner.
Our Child (art | G)
Owl gifts for [ profile] cremebunny:
my lover's the sunlight (1300 | PG-13)
Summary: Twenty seconds before they might die, Malfoy looks to his left to see Harry smiling at him as he says the words that make him breathe again.
Snow Bunny for Harry (R | art)
Many A Winding Turn (15200 | NC-17)
Summary: During their Eighth Year at Hogwarts, Harry and Draco share their dreams about and for the future, discovering that they're not so very different. After school reality bites.
Owl gifts for [ profile] snowgall:
New Dawn's Light (3151 | NC-17)
Summary: Six years after the war, Harry spends the day wondering where his life is going, and his relationship with Draco.
Hold On (PG-13 | vid)
Something Old, Something New (G | art)
Owl gifts for [ profile] razra_eizel:
Your Idea (425 | PG)
Summary: A minor misunderstanding leads to snark.
Snuggles (G | art)
To Dance (1972 | G)
Summary: Going through Snape's lesson plans together was what started Harry and Draco's friendship, but recently Harry had began to want more than just friendship.

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The last owl gifts have been delivered. Snapey, Hedwig, Errol and Romeo are drinking resting in the owlery. The Big Owlpost Reveal will go up next Wednesday, January 14. ♥

Week Five and Last
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] sp_owl:
A Feeling Like Flying (NC-17 | 2000 words)
Summary: They say you can't go on without me, but it's me who would be completely lost without you."
The Care and Management of Volatile Veela (NC-17 | 12,000 words)
Summary: Harry adopts a Veela. He really didn’t mean to.
A Delicate Arrangement (NC-17 | 6000 words)
Summary: Harry's learned over time that a delicate touch is sometimes superior to a harsh grip. If he can remember that with Draco, he might solve the case, protect a dozen children, and he may, he may just get what he wants most.
Owl gifts for [ profile] leontinabowie:
A Gothic Christmas Patented Daydream Charm (NC-17 | 1770 words)
Summary: Ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord, is in rut. Santa looks delicious in his skimpy little black dress.
I'll Be Home for Christmas (G | art)
Summary: Harry waits up for Draco on Christmas Eve.
Why do I have to wear the bloody hat? (PG | art)
Summary: Harry steals a kiss from Draco in the snow.
Owl gifts for [ profile] sassy_cissa:
The Four Times Harry Informed his Friends about Draco (G | 1650 words)
Summary: Harry’s told everyone about him and Draco. It’s not his fault that they were all too busy at the time to hear what he was saying.
Harry and Sprog (G | art)
Summary: Closing words from "We can't all be Heroes": "Today they were celebrating her birth and their marriage. The small miracle held tightly in Harry's arms had helped Draco save his husband and wrapped herself around their hearts long before she was born."
Bound to Happen (PG-13 | 3500 words)
Summary: As often as the Aurors brought Draco in and demanded proof of his whereabouts, it was only a matter of time before they found about his relationship with Harry.
Owl gifts for [ profile] geminifaerie84:
Draco and Harry's Christmas Card (G | art)
Summary: Harry is messing around, to Draco's annoyance.
A Gift (PG-13 | 550 words)
Summary: Enough is enough, their friends decide.
White Flags (G | 700 words)
Summary: There’s something about snow that brings out the innocence in people. Malfoy is no exception.
Pillows of the Floor (NC-17 | art)
Summary: It's pretty much sheer porn. No two ways about it.
Owl gifts for [ profile] kathora_kiryu:
It's More Than the Tree (G | 650 words)
Summary: It's Christmas and all Harry wants is Draco home.
We'll all take our chances (G | art)
Summary: Harry and Draco pose for a holiday picture.
Brass Monkeys (G | 280 words)
Summary: Draco's convinced he's going to get frostbite if he doesn't find a way to warm up soon.
Owl gifts for [ profile] candamira:
Perfect Picture (NC-17 | 3900 words)
Summary: When you project a picture for your future, the result image rarely matches the negatives.
Seven Times Seven (PG | 1250 words)
Summary: Two wizards, a raven and a unicorn live in an old tower by the sea.
[ profile] mab reads The Winner Shaves It All by [ profile] candamira and [ profile] nia_kantorka (NC-17 | 30:17 minutes)
Summary: Draco still bears the scars Harry inflicted on him with Sectumsempra. Though, when Draco loses the wanking contest, Harry is allowed to use a blade on him again.

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Week Four of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] awickedmemory:
Snowbound (NC-17 { 4850 words)
Summary: It’s Christmas and Aurors Potter and Malfoy are on assignment in Russia when their covers are blown. A faulty port key drops them off near an Auror safe house, and they make it inside just before a blizzard hits, only to discover that they are in a magical dead zone; with no magic and no way to get home, what will our favorite Aurors do to occupy their time?
The Gift of Joy (G | 2500 words)
Summary: When Harry finds one of Draco’s discarded toys, Draco is unsure how to react. But the care with which Harry handles the broken thing makes Draco realise he has never had nice things before. He sets out on a mission to make every one of Harry’s Christmases special. Secret Santa style, of course.
Men in Uniform (G | digital art)
Summary: Harry and Draco try to avoid getting distracted at work by the sight of one another in uniform.
Owl gifts for [ profile] snugglemint:
You Make Me Crazy. You Make Me Everything (NC-17 | 3165 words)
Summary: It's Christmas Eve and they have to work. Then there's Firewhisky, some games, and look, Malfoy's wand is at Harry's throat, and Harry's hands are grabbing onto Malfoy's hips. Business as usual, then.
Christmas Movie Marathon and Fanboying (G| art)
Summary: Every year ABC Family plays the Harry Potter movies for Christmas. Muggle!Harry loves watching them and Draco wants to know why.
Bring Your Dancing Shoes (G | 1500 words)
Summary: In which Harry overhears Draco talking about his expectations for any date he takes to the Yuleball and is confident he can deliver, and Draco has always been a master of strategy and getting his own way.
Owl gifts for [ profile] hogwartsvixxxen:
Love Don't Cost A Thing (G | art)
Summary: Some things don't cost money, nor can be put in a box, some things had to be felt.
Realize (NC-17 | manip)
Summary: Draco has to save his future by saving Harry Potter.
Draco and Harry’s Twelve Days of Christmas (NC-17 | 16285 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco return home after Christmas Dinner with the Weasley’s, where Draco has a surprise for his boyfriend. Starting a new tradition he gives Harry one gift a day, celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas from December 25th through January 5th. Kinky, romantic, frustrating and amusing, every day brings a new surprise, all culminating on the fifth of January with something Harry never expected.
Owl gifts for [ profile] vaysh:
What Love Is About (G | art)
Summary: After years, there's still one thing Harry likes to do: to show that love isn't necessarily about passion.
[ profile] capitu, Podfic cover for 'No Hope Left' (PG | digital)
Snake Mouth (G | art)
Summary: His heart beats black ink.
Aspen, Leonard Cohen, and You (NC-17 | 2200 words)
Summary: Draco thinks he’s meeting Blaise and Pansy at their snowy cabin retreat. He’s wrong.

Owl gifts for the pinch-hitters of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Winter Fest
[ profile] cremebunny, Participant Banner (G | art)
Quiet Celebrations (G | 780 words)
Summary: A quieter celebration leads them toward a new path.
Early Morning on Christmas Eve (G | 1300 words)
Summary: Morning on Christmas eve and how argumentative Harry Potter can be.
Owl gifts for [ profile] enchanted_jae:
Harry Potter – The Wizard Who Saved Christmas (R | 5640 words)
Summary: Unauthorized magic is being used at the North Pole. Aurors Harry and Draco are called in Christmas Eve to investigate, but this was supposed to be their first Christmas together.
Together (PG | 850 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco have a snowball fight.
Frosty (G | art)
Summary: Harry and Draco have some winter fun.
Owl gifts for [ profile] capitu:
Gifts (PG-13 | 1190 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco look back on their earliest Christmas memories together.
Silver and Gold (icons | art)
Dear Father Christmas (G | 800 words)
Summary: Teddy insists that Harry writes his letter to Father Christmas. He has been good, after all.
Owl gifts for [ profile] xenadragon_xoxo:
Story Banner for 'Morning Shenanigans' (G | banner art)
Owl gifts for [ profile] anemonen:
The Best Present is Hope (PG | 2100 words)
Summary: Because of a Ministry-issued rule, Draco spends Christmas with Harry. He finds out it’s the best Christmas he’s had in years.
Being Weird (PG-13 | 1415 words)
Summary: We all have secrets. Trouble is, most people can go about their day without being weird.
Inkwell (NC-17 | 4160 words)
Summary: Harry’s a bit like an inkwell while Draco’s more of a quill… As you can imagine, they work better together.

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[personal profile] vaysh11

Week Three
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] fantasyfiend09:
Scuffling Snow Sculptures (PG-13 | 2500 words)
Cheat (PG | art + 175 words)
Mind If I Move Closer (PG | art)
Owl gifts for [ profile] kitty_fic:
Proving a Point (PG-13 | 1100 words)
Pull The Blinds and Change Their Minds (G | art)
Fullfilling a Fantasy (NC-17 | 2200 words)
Owl gifts for [ profile] razra_eizel:
Snow Angel (G | 557 words)
The Hidden Part of Him (G | manip)
Winter Wonderland (PG-13 | 4705 words)
Owl gifts for [ profile] rillalicious:
Operation P.I.L. (PG | 1435 words)
Comment for "The Cottage with the Purple Door" (1170 words)
Sun and Snow (G | 320 words | poem)
Owl gifts for [ profile] ritalaura2000:
Snow Fight ( PG | 1400 words)
[ profile] vaysh reads No Hope Left (podfic), written by [ profile] ritalaura2000 (PG-13 | 6:45 minutes)
Olive Branch (PG | 750 words)
Owl gifts for [ profile] darkravenwrote:
Dare2Dance (NC-17 | 15,700 words)
My December (G | 1420 words)
In the Middle of a Mystery (PG | 5000 words)
Owl gifts for [ profile] cremebunny:
Harry's Gone Off (PG | 3500 words | art)
Taming the Muggle Beast (PG-13 | 665 words)
When Draco Became a Boy Again (PG | art)

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[personal profile] vaysh11

Week Two Round-up of the
[ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] knowmefirst:
Counting Stars (G | 900 words)
Summary: After a broken car and sudden stop at a bakery Harry just might start believing in fate.
Banner for "Soul Good" (banner graphics)
The Spell Shall Break (G | art)
Summary: And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break. Harry has made a sacrifice and is put into a deep slumber. Only his true love's kiss can wake him.
Owl gifts for [ profile] smirkingcat:
Little Things (G | art)
Summary: Draco likes the way Harry's cheeks flush in the winter cold. The way Harry leans into his shoulder when he's slightly tired feels nice, too. Not that he'd ever admit to it, of course...
Holiday Spirits (PG | 485 words)
Summary: Harry and Lucius find some common ground, much to Draco and Narcissa's chagrin.
[ profile] mab reads Father(s) of the Grooms (podfic) written by [ profile] dracogotgame (22:27 min | podfic)
Owl gifts for [ profile] dracogotgame:
Blaise of the Couch (G | art)
Ham Grenade (G | 1110 words)
Summary: Draco's temper explodes, and so does the ham.
This is How You See Her (G | 950 words | poem)
Summary: Lily comes home for the holidays.
Not-So-secret Santa (PG | comics)
Summary: Harry starts receiving very risqué presents from his Secret Santa. Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy has been ‘smirkier’ than usual.
Owl gifts for [ profile] chibitoaster:
In the Eye of the Storm (G | 2050 words)
Summary: Draco waits out a storm with a curious companion. Harry will come for him. He knows it.
Between Ink and Blood (NC-17 | 19,000 words)
Summary: "Yes. Just... how did you know? I didn't know myself that I want a tattoo until I saw the Hungarian Horntail," Harry said. Druid shrugged. "It's hard to explain, my magic sings to me and then I just know. It's a druidic gift passed on from father to son since the early days, together with a message every male in my family gets as his first tattoo." He showed Harry the inner side of his forearm. The dark green of the calligraphic writing stood stark against the paleness of the smooth skin: Be careful with the lines you draw because there is a secret world between ink and blood where they will come alive.
Across a Road or Two (G | 5810 words)
Summary: It takes five countries with four meals in three continents for two men, but it all leads to one happily ever after.
Owl gifts for [ profile] digthewriter:
Game of Cards (NC-17 | 2790 words)
Summary: This time, their traditional poker night could take a whole new turn.
Under Pressure (NC-17 | 4000 words)
Summary: Muggle AU. Harry and Draco have been roommates and unlikely friends for years. Will a stranger's words make Harry realize he wants something more.
It Can Wait (G | 590 words)
Summary: There's a box, but they both agree, it's for the future.
Owl gifts for [ profile] nearlyconscious:
Alternative Baking (NC-17 | 970 words)
Summary: Harry and Draco find an alternative use for honey.
Learning to Listen... Maybe (PG-13 | 720 words)
Summary: Draco will learn to listen, but since Harry knows he won't, he'll make plans.
Harry Potter and the Sniffles (G | chibis)
Summary: Looks like they won’t be making that Ministry Christmas Ball after all. Oh well.
Owl gifts for [ profile] alafaye:
Good Morning (PG | 910 words)
Summary: Harry ponders the best way to wake Draco.
Battle Lines (PG-13 | 2800 words)
Summary: Will Harry and Draco survive their first Christmas with their kids, or will a new generation of Hogwarts rivalries tear them apart?
Fretting (PG | 1900 words)
Summary: Harry is worried that Draco is worrying.

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[personal profile] vaysh11

Week One Round-up
of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest

Owl gifts for [ profile] nenne:
How Traditional (G | art)
The Mistletoe (NC-17 | 1900 words)
Summary: A bit of damned magical mistletoe threatens Draco with a very interesting holiday.
Heat (PG-13 | manip)
Summary: Harry and Draco can't forget the escape from the room of the hidden things.
Owl gifts for [ profile] mab:
A Glut of Gifts (PG | 155 words + art)
Summary: Draco and Harry weren't going to exchange gifts, but Draco can't help himself.
Beta Gift
The Mirror (G | art)
Owl gifts for [ profile] eidheann_writes:
Moving Forward (19400 words | NC-17)
Summary: Harry’s been running for ten years. When he comes back home, he’s changed. He isn’t the only one.
Banners for Profile Page
Owl gifts for [ profile] writcraft:
Warmth (art | G)
Licht an dunklen Orten (translation) (1430 words | G)
Cream (3200 words | NC-17)
Summary: Getting off on the right foot is a practice Draco takes very seriously.
Owl gifts for [ profile] bloodisshrp:
The Gift of Giving (1100 words | PG)
Summary: The eighth-years are having a Secret Santa gift exchange.
Yes (G | art)
PDF of "A Dare is a Wish"
Story Banner for "A Dare is a Wish"
Owl gifts for [ profile] shim_raya:
Cherished (art | PG-13)
The Surprising Spectacle of Being Courted by Draco Malfoy (2000 words | G)
Summary: Draco knows just what he wants, even if Harry's not so sure.
Family Ties (2790 words | G)
Summary: Draco and Harry are married with children. Will Harry's family accept Draco?

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[personal profile] vaysh11
Weekly Roundup #4
of Owl Gifts

Owl gifts for [ profile] singlemomsummer:
Fate's Journey (6950 words, PG-13)
Fairytales Are For Muggles (4350 words, PG-13)
Facing a New Dare (manip, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] ritalaura2000:
By the Fireside (2285 words, NC-17)
Malfoy's Manuscript: A Fragment (1650, PG-13)
Leave the Lights On (7390 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] leontinabowie:
How A Veela Catches His Mate (6500 words, R)
Home For Christmas (art, R)
VIP: Very Important Patient (1260 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] vaysh11:
still she haunts me, phantomwise (550, PG)
[ profile] subtlefire, Beta Services
[ profile] mab, Friendly Advice (podfic) (46:15, R)
After All This Time (1450 words, PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] hpfangirl71:
Punishment and Reward (770 words, NC-17)
Touch-A, Touch-Me (1610 words, NC-17)
Five Icons (safe for work)

Owl gifts for [ profile] enchanted_jae:
Christmas Kitty (chibis, G)
How Harry Potter Became a Happy Man (8x100 words, PG)
Christmas Present (2070 words, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] kisslicknipsuck:
Two Pink Drops (1500 words, R)
[ profile] vaysh11, Searing Mistake (podfic) (05:06, R)
Scent and Seed (1900 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] cassisluna:
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (5800 words, NC-17)
Night Shift at St Mungo's (2180 words, R)
The Lip-Lock Jinx (illustr.) (illustrations, G)

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[personal profile] vaysh11
Weekly Roundup #3½
of Owl Gifts

This comes with a heart-felt apology and ironed ears for being so incredibly late.
Christmas is my sole excuse. :/

Owl gifts for [ profile] alafaye:
A Get-Away - part 1 (1300, G)
What Harry Likes Most (400 words, G)
Midnights at the Manor (13940, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] sassy_cissa:
[ profile] queenie_mab podficced Rediscovering Joy (podfic) by [ profile] sassy_cissa (26:00 minutes, PG)
Familiar Features (680 words, G)
Was it fate or was it choice? (1340 words, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] daughterjudy:
A Walk in the Park (1340 words, PG-13)
Come into these arms again - a post-war Harry/Draco fanmix (17 indie songs)
Looking at You (graphics, PG)

Owl gifts for [ profile] eidheann_writes:
Every Time it Snows (2440, PG)
Harry's Return (385 words, PG)
Eye(con) Candy (icons, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] kitty_fic:
Der Flirt (German translation of [ profile] kitty_fic's Flirt (2680 words, NC-17)
Hidden Powers of Chocolate (10350 words, NC-17)
Draco Malfoy and the Mistletoe (art; chibis, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] birdsofshore:
Bewitch and Befuddle (Lego tableau, G)
How to Fall in Love in Three Weeks (1860 words, NC-17)
Veritaserum (art, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] slashedsilver:
Inner Glow (art, 430 words, G)
Library Fluff (art; chibis, G)
Imagining Us (7250 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] digthewriter:
No Hope Left (art; manip, NC-17)
Dirty Martini (590 words, PG)
[ profile] queenie_mab podficced Our Relationship Quantified in Five Boxes (podfic) by [ profile] digthewriter (26:28 minutes, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] the_undaunted:
Between the Bridge and the River (620 words, PG-13)
Crisis Intervention (R)
Sod Professionalism (485 words, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] brinimc:
Picture Day (770 words, G)
Christmas Card Competition (560 words, PG)
Our Way (4100 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] dragontara:
icons, story banner and banner (G to PG-13)
I Can See You, As You Can See Me (490 words, PG)
All He Wants for Christmas (420, NC-17) and three icons
Mistletoe (art, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] cerberusia:
A Loosening (1700 words, NC-17)
5 sexy H/D icon (PG-13)
Through the Years (fanmix) (49:33 minutes, 12 songs; PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] penwyn:
Moonlight On Our Skin (1580 words, NC-17)
Pure Imagination (9040 words, NC-17)
Second Chances (2000 words, R)

Owl gifts for the pinch-hitters of the [ profile] hd_owlpost Winter Fest
Not A Movie Romance (1050 words, PG-13)
Can't fight this Feeling (art; manip, PG-13)
Before the first Snowflake Falls (5725 words, R)
A Present (1200 words, PG)

Surprise Owl gift for [ profile] thusspakekate:
I Feel You (story banner, PG)

Owl gifts for [ profile] chantefable:
The Ministry Christmas Ball (art, G)
Beta Gift
A Compendium of Recipes for the Delicate Witch or Wizard (i.e. Draco Malfoy) (8 recipes and bonus material, G)

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[personal profile] vaysh11
Weekly Roundup #2
of Owl Gifts

Owl gifts for [ profile] who_la_hoop:
Various Poems (The First Time I Sucked Potter’s Cock – By Draco Malfoy; An Ode to Fucking Malfoy – By Harry Potter; The First Time I Tried Bondage – By Draco Malfoy) (600 words, NC-17)
Scenes from An Idiot's Guide to Crossing the Road (250 words of poetry, Playmobil tableau, R)
Over Hill and Dale in a Winter's Night (5200 words, PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] sksdwrld:
[ profile] queenie_mab, Gotta Make Up to break Up (podfic) (14:11 minutes, NC-17)
[ profile] eidheann_writes, Beta Gift
Ghost of Christmas Past (1430 words, PG)

Owl gifts for [ profile] susannah_wilde:
Secret Santa Revealed (art, G)
This I Know is True (story banner) (G)
Secret Santa (1700 words, PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] xenadragon_xoxo:
Icons and Banner (G)
A Meeting (1000 words, G)
Snow Angels and Laughter (art, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] witchyemerald:
[ profile] singlemomsummer, Beta Gift
Christmas Preparations (art, G)
Lucky - Choose Your own Adventure, H/D-style (interactive online game, 4500 words, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] obliqueo:
There's a Storm Coming (2350 words, R)
The Weather Outside is Frightful (2360 words, R)
Malfoy's Wand Emporium (4900 words, NC-17)

Owl gifts for [ profile] subtlefire:
My Secret Santa is a Bloody Tosser (3060 words, R)
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match (3300, PG-13)
The Benefits of Anonymity (16,980 words, PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] capitu:
A Chance to Make it Good (5880 words, NC-17)
The Crup in Draco's Office (art, G)
Caring for Harry (1550 words, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] nenne:
The Perfect Red (800 words, G)
Recipe for a Contented Reader (600 words of H/D recipe, PG)
Close Encounters of the Magical Kind (1000 words, G)

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[personal profile] vaysh11
Weekly Roundup #1
of Owl Gifts

Owl gifts for [ profile] writcraft:
Just You and Me (PG, story banner)
I Lit a Candle in the Window (NC-17, 4500 words)
Blue Christmas (G, 1200 words)
Playing Dead (R, 350 words, poem)

Owl gifts for [ profile] fantasyfiend09:
Frosty Hug (G, art)
the barge at Molesy lay (PG, 700 words)
Charming Cats and Catty Charms (PG-13, 9780 words)

Owl gifts for [ profile] awickedmemory:
The Unlikely Career Choices of Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy (PG-13, 5500 words)
The Last Drop (PG, 2400 words)
Christmas Treats (G, 1100 words, recipe fic)

Owl gifts for [ profile] cremebunny:
A Little Bit of Christmas Magic (900 words, playmobil tableau, PG)
Scorpius' Café (1200 words, G)
Christmas with Draco (9910 words, G)

Owl gifts for the community:
Winter Kiss (G, art)
Lockets and Vanilla (1800 words, G)
Ten Minutes (1280 words, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] dracogotgame:
Christmas is a Time for Family (2400 words, PG)
Keep Him Safe (PDF) (pdf for fic, illustrations, R)
Plans That Change (1180, R)

Owl gifts for [ profile] emansil_12:
The Midnight Special (7300 words, PG-13)
Beta Gift (two still anon stories)
Longing (450 words, icons, G)

Owl gifts for [ profile] queenie_mab:
When Youth Grows Pale and Spectre Thin (3400 words, PG-13)
Damage Hearts a Harry (fanmix of 12 songs, PG)
The Spaces Between (2400 words, PG-13)

Owl gifts for [ profile] darkravenwrote:
In Flight (5000 words, NC-17)
Salvation (4230 words, PG-13)
Draco's Tie (art, G)


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