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Please bear with us as we work to wrap up the fest! We do have a few more collections of fabulous gifts to deliver.

Our apologies to the participants who are still waiting on your gifts. (We promise we have not forgotten you!)

The fest will be wrapping up very soon. (By this weekend we hope!)

Thank you to everyone for your patience! You are all stars! ★

Much love from,
[ profile] vaysh, [ profile] kitty_fic, and the Owls!
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Unfortunately, we had to take a two-day break in posting as we are waiting for owl gifts to be delivered to the owlery. There were snow storms. Accidents. Broken delivery brooms.

The good news: Posting will continue today (*fingers crossed*)
More good news: We will start posting gifts for more than just one person each day, depending on which gifts are coming in.

Little owlet keeps being very excited:


Much love from
[ profile] kitty_fic, [ profile] vaysh and the Owls

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We are sorry to announce that we have to take a day off in posting as we are waiting for gifts to be submitted to the owlery.

This youngest owlet is waiting eagerly, too:


Posting will resume tomorrow and continue until January 1.

Your frazzled mods
[ profile] kitty_fic and [ profile] vaysh and the owls

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[ profile] hd_owlpost participants! Tomorrow is the day!

Owl Gifts are due tomorrow,
Friday, November 11!

Submission Information & Header Template: here!

Mods' Email:
Please email us if you cannot make the submission deadline. Chances are VERY high that we will give you an extension. :)

The Owl Postmasters
[ profile] kitty_fic and [ profile] vaysh

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We are so sorry for the delay in sending out the owls with your assignments. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please stay tuned. Our plan is to hopefully have them to you tomorrow if at all possible!

(Oops! This is not the first time that we've underestimated how challenging it can be to do match-ups so that everyone receives THREE amazing gifts!)

Please bear with us!

Your Owl Postmasters
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*sweeps away mouse droppings, feathers and owl castings*

In case you wondered, [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest is happening this year. ♥ We'll post the announcement a little later today when our American friends are more awake.

In the meantime, please check out our new LJ theme, which hopefully makes it easer to navigate the community and see links.

We have a Subcollection on AO3 for the 2016 H/D Owlpost Fest: Harry/Draco Owlpost 2016

Last but not least, all the creators' names have FINALLY been added to the entries of the 2015 H/D Owlpost Fest. Thank you, [ profile] digthewriter, for the kick up our arses. :)

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Here is a little token of appreciation to our fest participants for supporting [ profile] hd_owlpost!

Sorry these are a little late... (hopefully better late than never!)

If we've missed anyone or there are any mistakes or misspellings on your banner, please let us know and we’ll fix it asap!

Thank you to the amazingly talented for allowing us to use their gorgeous art!


Participation Banners )
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Thank you to all of our wonderful participants!

The mods would like to offer a heartfelt apology for the delays in the fest this year.

As of now, all of our entries have been posted!

The masterlist/reveal will be up either later tonight or Monday! (Just as soon as we finish the coding for the 90+ amazing gifts that have been posted!)

Thank you again to all who have supported [ profile] hd_owlpost! We hope you have enjoyed all the awesome offerings this year as much as we have!
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Please bear with us as we work to wrap up the fest! We do have two more collections of gifts to deliver.

Our apologies to the participants who are still waiting on their gifts. (We promise we have not forgotten you!)

The fest will be wrapping up very soon with these last couple of owl deliveries that are coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the fest!

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Today's the day:

Snapey, Hedwig, Errol and Romeo
want your gifts!

Please send to:

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It snowed today, and the Owlery is a flurry of white flakes. Snapey, Errol, Hedwig and Romeo are getting very excited about delivering all the owlpost this year. A small heap of gifts has already arrived; we are preparing for the big deluge on Wednesday. Because yes:

Owl Gifts, i.e. Submissions for the [ profile] hd_owlpost Fest are due
this Wednesday, November 25!

You find all the Submission Info here.

[ profile] hd_owlpost Fest now has a Subcollection for this year's gifts.

Please upload your gifts to the Harry/Draco Owlpost 2015 Subcollection. Gifts posted to the Subcollection are unrevealed until Snapey we reveal them when delivering posting your gifts. All gifts will be posted anon, with the exception of podfics and beta readings.

If you need an extension, and you have not yet mailed us, NOW is the time! We are very generous with extensions but we need to know whether gifts are coming or if people are dropping out. Please don't drop out.
The mod email is:

The Owls

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Hello, lovely [ profile] hd_owlpost participants! Greetings from the Owlery!

We hope everything is going well with your gift-making! If you have any problems, concerns, or questions about your gifts or giftees, please let us know asap!

Snapey, Hedwig, Errol and Romeo are ready to receive and deliver for your gifts!

Owl Gifts are due on
Wednesday, November 25!

- Please send your submissions to:
- When you send your submission please include your username in the email subject as well as who the gift's recipient is.
("Username - Gift for _____")
- When sending your gifts, please fill out and send us the following header information
Gift from: Your LJ Username Goes Here
Word Count OR Art Medium OR Podfic Length:
Rating: (G to NC-17)
Contains: The spoiler code is provided if you need it, but if your warnings do not include spoilers, you don't have to use the code! ** Please warn for possible triggers and squicks. No need to warn for sex or slash.
Notes: (You may put your beta's name here along with any other notes.)

Here's the code for the header:

We want to remind you that [ profile] hd_owlpost does have a Collection and yearly Subcollections on AO3.
The Subcollection for this year's H/D Owlpost Fest is: Harry/Draco Owlpost 2015.

Anytime you are ready to submit, you can post your own fic to the subcollection! (Or if you want us to post your fic to Ao3, please just say so when you send us your gift and we'll happily post it for you.)

If you are gifting a beta reading, please contact your giftee (if your have not done so already) and offer your services. (Obviously, anonymity is waived between gifter and giftee in this case.) Please do not tell other people or post about the beta gift you are giving. The beta reader should still be anon for fandom at large. The betaed fic does not have to be H/D or even HP. It can be any story that is agreed upon between the beta and author. Beta-readings should be completed by the submission deadline of the fest (Nov 24). Once you have finished the beta, please send a mail to the mod account and tell us which story you betaed. Thank you!

If you are not already a member of the [ profile] hd_owlpost community, please join the community now. Thank you!

The Owl Postmasters -
[ profile] vaysh and [ profile] kitty_fic
Mod email:
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All [ profile] hd_owlpost assignments have now been sent out!

If you have not received yours, please let us know! Likewise, if there are any problems, contact us ASAP!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up! We are looking forward to another great fest this year!
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There will be no owls tonight, but they will be back tomorrow and Monday soon with the last gifts for our participants. The Reveals will be on Wednesday, January 14! Thank you to everyone for sticking with us!


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