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Gift from: [ profile] kerrilee75
Review/Comment of: it’s a long way up (when you’re falling down)
Summary of Fic: The importance of reading a book, especially one about the physiology of your kind, all the way through.
Word Count of Fic: 17905
Rating of Fic: R
Commenter's Notes: I have to admit I haven’t read many Veela stories, so my interest was piqued right away at the chance to learn a little about them!

Comment: For this gift, I think I’ll just list all the little things I liked and felt as I read this.

• Lucius when he gives Draco the Veela book and makes a hasty exit made me truly lol. I saw that scene perfectly in my head.
• Draco has a Harry Potter doll that one of the House Elf’s made him. Yep, headcanon accepted. He totally has a Harry doll!
• Draco being annoyed that Harry picked this year, of all years, to decide to pay attention to him. The year when Draco has so much on his plate already. The year he wants no extra eyes on him. Obviously your Draco also is dealing with his Veela, too.
• Draco coming up with the idea that maybe if he just snogged Harry, he’d manage to send him running and get him off his back. Of course he added benefit of actually getting to snog Harry is of no consequence. Riiiiiight. J
• I like the little ways you remind us of the canon timeline. The mention of the “necklace incident”, Draco and his green apples, Slughorn’s party, meeting with Myrtle in the bathroom, etc.
• Draco thinking that he’s acting all Gryffindor by going to Harry first. I loved this!
• Harry looking like he had "gotten a Kiss instead of just a kiss" broke my heart.
• Their first time, the way Harry acted after it, the owl with a one word note….gah! This Harry is being a total shit.
• The Veela going dormant, or so Draco thinks, is a nice bit of foreshadowing. Thank goodness he finally read the damn book!
• Oooh, Draco is going to tell Harry he’s pregnant! I’ve got butterflies. Please don’t be an arse, please don’t be an arse. *fingers crossed* But, of course Harry is with Ginny. And Draco decides that he will never tell Harry about his baby. *sobs*
• Oh God, Draco at the Manor getting Crucioed and then the scene with Greyback. I’m so worried about Draco and the baby! Thank goodness for Severus.
Draco’s realization that he needs to protect the baby at all costs and changing his mind about telling Harry
• I'm getting my hopes up again that Harry will handle this news better than he’s handled everything with Draco to this point.
• I am feeling a little bad for chuckling over Draco’s failed attempts to tell Harry. Maybe not so much laughing, but sort of a “laugh instead of cry” kind of way. Poor Draco!
• Thank goodness Harry has the decency to not blab Draco’s secret. I was starting to really not like this Harry.
• Oh, god, the Sectumsempra scene. I love the idea of Severus taking Draco to Spinner’s End until he couldn’t stay there any longer.
• Interesting idea that Grimmauld Place would hide away rooms in despair! And the idea of Draco being able to pull in wild magic from things.
• Finally Harry gets it together and stops being a fool. It took you long enough!
• It’s pretty cool that Draco “gets” the house and it responds to him.
• Oooh, Draco still thinking of Hermione as a Mudblood. *winces* :/
• And thinking of Harry as quite the idiot. Maybe it’s the hormones talking?
• Baby is here!! Baby is here!! Lyra is such a precious name.
• Battle of Hogwarts time! I like seeing this from Draco’s POV. How he must have felt to see Harry dead! *clutches my heart*

All in all, this was a fun little tale. My heart hurt for Draco and all the rejection he was feeling and the stress he was under. But I do love me a happy and hopeful ending and I got that here. Thank you for this story!

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