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Gift from: [ profile] enchanted_jae
Title: Gift Just Right
Poetic form: Ballad
Rating: PG...13?
Contains: A bit o' naughty
Notes: Happy holidays, [ profile] glittering_git! Thanks to the mods for their patience, and thanks to [ profile] herumtreiber for the beta.

Gift Just Right

"What Christmas gift would make you smile?"
Hermione asked one day.
And Harry grinned at her and shrugged,
"I don't know what to say."

"You must be wishing for a gift;
At least provide a clue.
I want to get your heart’s desire,
A gift that's right for you."

A blush appeared on Harry's cheeks.
"There's just one thing, you see.
I'd like a bloke, who's lithe and blond,
To be the gift for me."

Hermione frowned and rolled her eyes.
"It's Malfoy that you seek."
"You asked me what I wanted most,
Don't treat me like a freak."

"You're not a freak," Hermione soothed.
"But your request is tough.
To get him to agree to this
May be a little rough."

"Forget I asked," said Harry then.
"You know I will enjoy
Whatever you will get for me,
Whether a book or toy."

With a nod, Hermione left, and
Set out on her quest,
But Harry knew not to expect
A Malfoy underdressed.

On Christmas morn, when Harry woke,
He dashed down to his tree.
And lying there, in ribbons bound,
Was what he yearned to see.

'Twas Draco Malfoy, lithe and blond,
Beneath the Christmas tree.
And Harry smiled and cried aloud,
"The gift just right for me!"

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