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Title: Comment for Silhouettes in Sunsets by [ profile] potteresque_ire
Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Gringotts accountant by day and a luthier by night. Harry Potter is the owner of Hedwig’s Owl Emporium on Diagon Alley. Music and scheming owls will bring the two men back together.
Word Count: 800 (story is 23k)
Notes: This is a really beautiful story and I thoroughly recommend it ♥ Happy holidays, [ profile] potteresque_ire. I know this story was written six years ago but it really stood out to me and I really wanted to let you know all my thoughts on it :D

I really loved this story. It was really beautiful, written so well, and had such powerful atmosphere to it.

I’ll start at the beginning. I loved the atmosphere you created with the opening scene. It’s very melancholic, and you can really see how Harry has been affected by the war.

But he yearns for the silence the night promises, even if darkness must descend along with it.

That line in particular stood out for me, a very powerful and emotive sentence.

Then we go onto Draco. You created a lovely image of him, sleek and aristocratic and the epitome of Malfoy. I’ve always adored the idea of Draco being a musician, and though I’ve never considered him as a luthier before I think it’s the perfect job for Draco. A gift of music. A chance everyone deserves, even—and especially—the son of a Death Eater.

I love the magical elements to the instruments, making them just that more special and even more powerful. Even if that wasn’t always a good thing, it fits into the theme of the story.

And just like I love Draco working with instruments, I adore the idea of Harry working with animals and finding peace amongst them.

The atmosphere in the story is so strong, wonderfully so. As you read, you can really get the sense of what their lives are like now, both Harry and Draco just kind of going day by day. Then when Draco’s routine is changed by the appearance of so many owls it shakes him the wrong way at first, until he realises there’s more to them that meets the eye and he welcomes that. I love that he came to appreciate the owls.

I really understood why Harry left his job as an Auror. Again, that’s another headcanon of mine that the Ministry just isn’t for Harry, it’s too corrupt, and he needs to be doing something worthwhile. Writing to orphaned children, especially troubled ones, is definitely something that Harry would do.

And then Harry starts to realise his love for music, too. I loved that Draco and Harry were coming together without even realising it yet—and then Harry did realise it and it starts off their relationship.

Their first meeting was a lovely scene. You could see how they’ve both grown up, but aren’t quite ready to let go of the tension between them yet, either.

My boy toy here is kinky as hell.” He gives Potter’s buttocks a smack. Oh, Draco—this really brought a smile to my face.

I love that the end of part one had flowers blossoming in Knockturn Alley. The atmosphere in the story is very powerful, and I love how you subtly manage to change it as the story went on to make it more hopeful alongside Draco and Harry coming together. And I love that Harry starts to realise that, too.

Draco teaching children about instruments was a surprise, but a good one. I think it makes sense for him, though, and even though Draco isn’t quite as confident as he could be with them, it’s a way for him to break further away from the image of his father which is what he wants.

I really like the way that Draco and Harry just instinctively help each other, without needing to ask each other for help. Everything between them is gentle and soothing, even with that bit of teasing between them. It was really lovely to read them coming together like that. And I like that they didn’t ‘fix’ each other—their stories stayed constant, but they each had one another to make things brighter and better, to heal together.

And then as more time goes on they just get used to one another, and realise how important they are to each other. I just found it really lovely to read, so soft, and still in-character. They weren’t all cutesy and friendly; they had banter and teased each other, but they helped each other, too. I really love that dynamic between them, and you wrote the relationship between them so beautifully.

The lips clashing against his are soft, the warmth between their colliding breaths gentle. Their music cannot be anything but this—a concerto of war and reconciliation, a symphony of hatred and … love.

That kiss was so beautifully written, I adored it.

The ending was wonderful as well. I love that Draco and Harry created the perfect place for them, as well as the owls and the children. You can really sense the happiness and the peace in their own place, and it’s a lovely thing. The epilogue especially just shows how content they are together, and I love that.


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