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Celebrate with Owls

Seasonal H/D Gift Giving Exchanges

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Name:Celebrate with Owls - Seasonal H/D Gift Giving Exc
Website:AO3 Collection
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Harry/Draco Winter Gift Exchange

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hd_owlpost is hosting a H/D Gift Giving Fest in December 2017.

Original art by leochi. Banner by kayoko.

hd_owlpost Winter Fest is back again!

2016 Fest Announcement (aka All the Rules)
Participants'Wish Lists
Submission Information and Guidelines
AO3 Collection for the 2016 hd_owlpost Fest: Harry/Draco Owlpost 2016.

Owl gifts are due November 11. We will start posting gifts on December 1.


Welcome to the hd_owlpost!
A gift-giving community for Harry/Draco fans!
A place to help grant your friend's holiday wishes and have yours granted in return!

Guide to H/D Owl Post:
♥ Some posts in this community contain explicit adult content. All adult content is posted under an lj-cut. Minors are welcome to join the community but the moderators are not responsible for underage members. Please read at your own discretion and mind the ratings and warnings.
♥ Owl Post will be run in rounds to be held on specific holidays. Watch the comm for sign-up dates.
Choose an owl and mail your Wish List including the complete form to hdowlpostmods [at] gmail [dot] com. Mods will post your Wish Lists to the comm.
♥ There will be no claiming nor will you be assigned a recipient. You may choose to make a gift for one or more recipients.
♥ You are encouraged to submit more than one gift. You may also choose to submit a gift to be given to all participants.
♥ Drabs, fics, art, icons, banners, fanvideos, poems, podfics, etc. are all acceptable forms of gifts. Anything that can be gifted!
♥ Harry/Draco must be the focus of the gift.
♥ Post your gift(s) as a comment to the participant's Wish List. Comments will be screened until they are revealed on the specific holiday.
♥ You may choose to submit your gifts anonymously. If this is the case, please contact a mod to let them know which gift is yours.


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Any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc can be emailed to



Art: leochi
Layout: wildflower4evr
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